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Explore these amazing groups working to evolve Black Rock City's eco-principles and to take them out to the default world. Educate yourself on their activities or get involved and lend a hand!

Burners Without Borders. This volunteer group is a manifestation of what can happen when we take our values off the playa and out into the rest of the world. In addition to a massive wood-recycling project on the playa in 2006, and worldwide beach cleanup events, Burners without Borders have participated in the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief and the Thailand Tsunami Recovery efforts, and have more goals in 2007.

Earth Guardians. Interested in helping to protect the playa, spread the Leave No Trace word, and keep the Man burning in the future? The Earth Guardians inform, inspire and encourage the citizens of Black Rock City to apply Leave No Trace (LNT) principles.

DPW Playa Restoration Crew. For a month after Burning Man, the DPW works to return the Black Rock Desert to its pre-event condition. Read up on this fearless and hard-working crew, and find out how you can help.

Cooling Man. This volunteer group's goal is to make the burning of the Man more climate-friendly by offsetting the greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by the burn. Their goal for 2007 is to offset a greater portion of all the greenhouse gases emitted by the festival and its participants.

Recycle Camp. Not all theme camps are dedicated to fun and games. Recycle Camp provides a vital service to Black Rock City, and serves to educate participants about environmentally friendly ways of reducing our waste.


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