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Year-Round Events

Do you want to take the playa home with you? Well, you don't need to bottle it up, there's already enough stuck to your Burning Man gear.

To really keep your playa spirit afire, the Year Round Calendar has tons of events to keep you involved. There are post-BM decompression parties and many other BM-style events spread over the U.S. and the World.

playa events calendar Playa Events Calendar
What do you want to do on the playa today? How about catching that wake up yoga class or maybe a movie? Feel like talking with peers about ways to fire up your sex life? What type of music is gonna make your bootie shake? Where can you get decorations for the soul capsule called your body? Where can you register your own playa happening?

You're going to need some help. The Playa Events Calendar will fill you in on all events, big and small, happening on playa during the week of Burning Man. There's also a place to add your own events to the list.

This is Burning Man, the possibilities are endless. Nothing on the playa is a waste of don't waste yours! Use the Playa Events Calendar to help maximize the experience!