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  • Week in review: Green power plays, December 18, 2007

    “Speaking of experimental, the Burning Man festival also made some clean energy news this week, with the unveiling of a nonprofit the festival is supporting to bring no- or low-cost solar power to public institutions in disadvantaged or financially depressed communities in Nevada and beyond.”

  • Gerlach Schools to Switch to Solar
    Reno Gazette-Journal (and AP wire) by Bill O'Driscoll, December 19, 2007

    “The Burning Man community has long been a part of the Northern Nevada community, and when this opportunity to give something back came up, we jumped on it,? said Marian Goodell, board member of Black Rock City LLC, producer of the annual Burning Man event.”

  • Gerlach Schools Go Solar for the Holidays, December 18, 2007

    “Representatives from the town of Gerlach, the school district, Burning Man, Sierra Pacific and MMA Renewable Ventures will celebrate the completion of the ground-mounted solar array on Tuesday, Dec. 18.”

  • Burning Man ceases selling tickets at its gate
    Daniel Terdiman, CNET, December 17, 2007

    “And there, tucked away about a third of the way down the page, are 13 words that could be the most significant in modern Burning Man history: ‘New for 2008: No tickets will be sold at our event site gate.’ ”

  • Burning Man backs solar-power project for Nevade towns
    Daniel Terdiman, CNET, December 17, 2007

    “At a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday in Gerlach, Nev., members of the Burning Man community are expected to demonstrate that they mean what they say when they say they try to leave places in better shape than when they found it.”

  • A burning donation - Burning Man group donates solar array to Pershing General Hospital (360kb PDF file)
    Alicia Craig, Lovelock Review-Miner, November 29, 2007

    “LOVELOCK - Volunteers from Burning Man are installing photovoltaic solar panels at Pershing General Hospital.”

  • Burners without Borders volunteers give back to Lovelock, Gerlach Areas (268kb PDF file)
    Alicia Craig, Lovelock Review-Miner, November 29, 2007

    “LOVELOCK - Volunteers from Burners without Borders and the Black Rock City Department of Public Works, under the direction of Matt Mynttinen, project manager of Black Rock Solor, constructed a 30 kilowatt solar array for the Pershing General Hospital.”

  • Editorial: Burning Man sponsor's project is energy plan worth emulating
    Reno-Gazette Journal, November 23, 2007

    “Burning Man organizers and volunteers are setting a wonderful example with their gift of solar panels to Lovelock's Pershing General Hospital and to Gerlach schools. The group is acting on justifiable concern for the environment.”

  • Lovelock hospital switches to solar
    Reno Gazette Journal by Bill Driscoll, November 21, 2007

    “Black Rock Solar, a nonprofit project of Black Rock City LLC, producer of the annual Burning Man event, is installing photovoltaic solar panels at the hospital that eventually will generate 60,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year.”

  • Can “Burning Man” Become a Model for Green Living?
    PeacePower Magazine (via AlterNet) by Matthew Taylor, October 23, 2007

    “Is Burning Man making serious efforts to green itself, or is it all a front, a form of greenwashing? How will the Burning Man experience affect burners, and will they bring it home into their lives?”

  • National Public Lands Appreciation Day celebrated at Canyon Park
    Canyon Lake Times Guardian, By Crystal Gottfried, October 3, 2007

    “[Patrick Brown of Burners without Borders said that]... when their reservation was cancelled because the park was flooded, they asked, ‘How can we help you?’... ‘We can... do this kind of work as a matter of course for the ‘Burning Man’ community. We take everything that we bring to parks away with us, and even clean up after others who are not so considerate.’ ”

  • Monster Man: Massachusetts dot-commie spotted torching the decks at Burning Man
    Boston Phoenix, by Mike McKay, October 8, 2007

    “Perhaps the most fitting compliment would be that Taylor comes off as a DJ who just happens to be a CEO rather than the other way around. [Says Taylor], ‘At Burning Man, there is no, or Eons or anything like that.’”

  • Burning Man Flares Up Again In The Desert: An Unconventional Art Festival Begins Its Third Decade Of Defying Definition
    CBS News Sunday Morning, by Daniel Sieberg, September 30, 2007

    Transcript of a segment by CBS’s Science Correspondent: “If you can get past the crowds and the dust and even the occasional sandstorm, the experience can be, illuminating. But fire isn't the only draw at Burning Man. There is, of course, the art.”

  • How green was Burning Man?
    CNET, by Elsa Wenzel, September 17, 2007

    “How many real cities in which we live year-round leave such a slight footprint on any ecosystem?”

  • Love Parade mitten in der Wüste: Das “Burning-Man”-Festival lockt seit 20 Jahren tausende Freaks aus aller Welt nach Nevada (original German text)
    Love Parade in the middle in the desert: “Burning Man” festival lures thousands of Freaks from all to the world to Nevada for 20 years (automated English translation)
    Mannheimer Morgen (Mannheim, Germany)/German Press Agency by Carolin Rider, September 8, 2007

    A survey of the “The art-inspired masses” of Black Rock City and “Gigantic art objects...hardly elsewhere conceivable as in the wasteful width of the desert.”

  • Making technology burn again
    Times of London (UK), by Michael Parsons, September 7, 2007

    “One aspect that always amazes me about the festival is the extraordinary intricacy of the things that people build there. The sheer hard work and craftsmanship on display is ...the antithesis of the beer, boobs and partay images you often see...”

  • Burners donate lumber to Habitat for Humanity
    Reno Gazette-Journal, by Geralda Miller, September. 6, 2007

    “Building a new tradition from the counterculture festival, some volunteers who participated in Burning Man delivered five trucks of lumber to Habitat for Humanity to help build homes in Northern Nevada.”

  • The weirdness that is Burning Man
    Nevada Appeal (Carson City, NV), by Kirk Caraway, September 5, 2007.

    There is no way to capture an event like this in 750 words, or 7 million. ...If you could dream up the strangest things you could ever think of doing, multiply it by a thousand, and then put it into a blender, you might scratch the surface.

  • Amsterdam vlamt met Serpent Mother (“Amsterdam flames with Serpent Mother”), By Coromandel Brombacher, September 5, 2007

    A year after leaving the playa, The Flaming Lotus Girls’ interactive fire art sculpture arrives at Amsterdam’s “Robodock”

  • The United States “Fire People Festival” at the scene (original Chinese text)
    The United States “Fire People Festival” at the scene (automated English translation)
    China News Service/Yunnan Branch, September 5, 2007

    “fanaticism festival in the desert, every year a large number of young people here flaunted free radical way to express themselves.” (automated translation excerpt)

  • Zu Besuch auf dem Planeten Kunst (original German text)
    “Visit to the planet art” (automated English translation)
    Rheinische Post Online (Duesseldorf, Germany), September 2007

    “In the middle in the sand and wind of the desert the multicolored seems, as if one is on another, on a fantastic planet. everything is possible.”

  • Teaching green: Lessons from Burning Man 2007, by Judith Lewis, September 3, 2007

    “The Playa cracks your mind wide open. The spectrum of reasonable behavior widens. You question old prejudices and drop useless restrictions. Your mind frees up to learn. So what better place to learn new tricks for reducing our dependence on fossil fuels?”

  • Irony blooms in the desert
    Las Vegas Sun, by Kristen Peterson, September 3, 2007

    “If trees are truly a metaphor for life, growth, endurance and stability, then we're screwed. The reality and humor are not lost here at Burning Man, where artists play off the green theme. Trees constructed from steel, found wood and recycled products dot the bleak, barren lake bed.”

  • ‘Burning Man’ gets religion
    Washington (DC) Times, by Frappa Stout, September 3, 2007

    “...On a pleasantly brisk night in the desert, Jack Fertig laid his prayer mat on the parched ground, faced toward Mecca, and gave praise to Allah... he and a growing number of just plain religious folks have been turning up at the event, suggesting it's a place to find God as well.”

  • Local couple says ‘I do at Burning Man
    By Jill Bauerle, The Union (Grass Valley, CA), Sep 3, 2007

    “...As playa dust whipped the flaps of the shade tent covering a geodesic dome, the couple said their vows. ...The families of the bride and groom traveled to the Burning Man event especially for the wedding from as far away as Michigan.”

  • Burning (Senior) Man: Hip oldsters marvel at Black Rock City
    San Francisco Chronicle by Justin Berton, September. 3, 2007

    “For Les Cole, a white-bearded 82-year-old from Colorado Springs, his trip to the desert came at the request of his daughter...‘When you see this, at this point in one's life, how can you be anything but inspired?’ ”

  • Counter-culture Burning Man suffers growing pains
    Ottawa Citizen/ by E.B. Boyd, September 3, 2007

    “Erika stood in torn fishnet stockings, shorts leaving little to the imagination, examining an exhibit on electric cars set up in the middle of the Nevada desert.”

  • TV Free Burning Man Coverage

    CurrentTV provided spectacular coverage of Burning Man 2007. The live feed of the burn and other great video pods can be seen here.

  • Fire Dancers, Steampunk Tree House and More
    Flames, Art Cars and Discos
    Wired.Com Photo Galleries, by Lane Harwell, September. 2007

  • Photo Galleries #1 #2 #3 #4
    Reno Gazette-Journal by Andy Barron, August-September 2007

  • Scenes from Burning Man by Brad Horn and Sam Bauman
    Burning Man art by Kirk Caraway
    More scenes from Burning Man by Brad Horn
    Nevada Appeal (Carson City, NV) Photo Galleries, September 2007

  • Mad Science at Burning Man: Experimentation copulates with art in the ultimate open-access laboratory (Photo Gallery), by Dan Glass, August 2007

  • San Francisco Examiner Photo Gallery by Michael Macor and Kim Komenich, August-September, 2007

  • Boston Globe by AFP/AP
    20Minutes, Switzerland by AP
    Stern Magazine, Germany - “Freaks in der Wüste” (“Freaks in the Desert”) by AP

  • Rheinische Post Online (Duesseldorf, GER) - Freaks in der Wüste (original German text)
    “Freaks in the Desert” (automated English translation)

  • Pakistan Daily Times by AP

  • Peaceful Burning Man reaches finale
    Reno Gazette-Journal, by Carla Roccapriore, September 2, 2007

    “Excitement peaked in Black Rock City when a rebuilt 40-foot man was ignited late Saturday to finish the 22nd annual Burning Man festival north of Reno.... The event means something different for each Burner.”

  • Burning Man ignited - again
    Nevada Appeal (Carson City, NV), by Sam Bauman, September 2, 2007

    “Despite the hours-long whiteout that blanked this city late Friday afternoon, enthusiasm was high as first fireworks erupted from the Man, then the flames began licking up his legs. A mixed chorus of cheers and sighs climaxed as the man slowly disintegrated...”

  • Another Peaceful Burning Man Festival Ends In Nevada
    KRXI-TV/, September 2, 2007

    “The crowd peaked at 48,011 at 4 p.m. Saturday, up 23 percent” Jamie Thompson, spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Land Mangement: “It's been a very smooth-running event with cooperation from everybody concerned....We're pleased with how it went.”

  • Karneval im Nirgendwo (original German text)
    “Carnival in nowhere” (automated English translation)
    Der Spiegel Magazine (Germany), September. 2, 2007

    “In few hours an American city dies... 40,000 inhabitants scatter and one will find no more trace from the cooking, small municipality, if everything goes well.”

  • Burning Man Sees Green: Art festival out to transform society and itself
    By J. Patrick Coolican, Las Vegas Sun, September 02, 2007

    “And so, it was time for the greening of Burning Man... Whether it could be done might be seen as a microcosmic test of whether the environmental movement can change the behavior of the rest of the country, and for that matter, the world.”

  • Man's green focus raises concerns of corporate contracts
    San Francisco Chronicle by Justin Berton, September 2, 2007

    “Several miles from Black Rock City... celebrants approaching Burning Man can see the wooden effigy glow bright green in the night. What they can't see from the distance is a sheet of panels 50 yards from the Man powering the ghostly glow.”

  • Homouroboros: Spinning Monkey Business at Burning Man by Brian Doherty September 2, 2007

    “The winner of an informal “Wow, did you see that?” survey at Burning Man this year is ...a spinning zoetrope portraying a half-ape, half-man creature swinging form branch to branch of a stylized tree, while being force-fed an apple from a serpentine arm and hand.”

  • On the Couch - Renee and Brettt Roncelli: Bonded at Burning Man
    SF Chronicle by Louise Rafkin. September 2, 2007

    “This weekend marks their sixth anniversary. They'll be back at the scene of their first meeting, this time with baby Trinity, 9 months old, as evidence of their continuing creative connection.”

  • Burning Man Leaves Its Mark on Tiny Gerlach, Nevada by Eli Milchman, September. 1, 2007

    “While the annual influx of artists and RVs irritates some locals, ...everybody seems to get a kick out of the wild caravan of art projects that weaves its way down Highway 447... but aid to the town in the form of outsiders on their way to the burn is just the tip of the iceberg.”

  • Record Turnout At Burning Man Festival In Nevada (Link no longer active)
    KPIX-TV/AP, September. 1, 2007

    “No major problems were reported by authorities.” Jamie Thompson, a spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management: “The only downside is there's been an awful lot of dust.”

  • The Orb Swarm rules the night
    By Simone Davilos,, August 31, 2007

    “One of the neatest things I have seen in the self-expressive miasma that is Burning Man... has been The Orb Swarm, a group of spherical robots designed to roll around the playa and interact with participants with lights, motion and sound.”

  • Cancer survivors fuel hope at the Black Rock Desert
    Reno Gazette-Journal by Carla Roccapriore, August 31, 2007

    “Cancer survivors and their friends at the 22nd annual Burning Man festival banded together for an evening walk in the Black Rock Desert to celebrate life and to let cancer sufferers know not all is lost.”

  • Preparing the playa - Behind the scenes with those who construct Black Rock City and the Burning Man event
    Sierra (NV) Sun, by Ryan Salm. August 31, 2007

    “Long before the Black Rock Desert becomes home to one of the nation’s largest art festivals, artists, carpenters and welders have been sweating the bone-dry desert heat, setting the stage for Burning Man.”

  • Doing the Big Rig Jig on the Playa by Brian Doherty August 31, 2007

    “Two 18-wheeler oil rigs smash into each other at Burning Man to represent the precariousness and danger of the oil economy in a piece called Big Rig Jig. But it's a surreal truck crash.”

  • Gerlach and Lovelock to receive solar panels from Black Rock organization
    Reno Gazette-Journal by Carla Roccapriore. August 30, 2007

    “Will Roger Peterson, president of Friends of Black Rock High Rock and a Burning Man board member, said “The idea started last year that we'd power the man then put panels in Gerlach and Lovelock for permanent installation.’ ”

  • The Man Rises Anew, Ready for His Next Date With the Inferno by Eli Milchman, August 30, 2007

    “Surrounded by a ring of jubilant burners and vigilant Black Rock Rangers, workers from the Black Rock City Department of Public Works fulfilled the promise to have the Man ready for Saturday's regularly scheduled burn.”

  • “Burning Man” Structure Is Burned Early
    CBS News/AP Aug. 29, 2007

    “The early-morning fire scorched about 85 percent of the structure... Event engineers decided it would be best to dismantle it and rebuild a less elaborate version, accomplishing in two days what normally takes weeks.”

  • Burners come from other continents
    Reno Gazette-Journal by Carla Roccapriore. August 29, 2007

    “Traveling from other continents to attend the Burning Man counterculture arts festival can be trickier for them than for those who live locally. ...‘We don't have any big events like this in France ...Burning Man is divine chaos.’ ”

  • Crude Awakening Arises at Burning Man by Brian Doherty, August 29, 2007

    “The brains behind the tallest structure ever built at Burning Man plan to produce the tallest fire ever seen at the event as well -- a 1,000-foot column of flame. ...Its creators hope this massive flame will send a powerful message about the oil economy.”

  • Kindling and kinship: Burning Man brings a family together in the desert
    Contra Costa (CA) Times, by Theresa Harrington, August 29, 2007 (registration required)

    “I'm a 47-year-old suburban divorced mother of six who would never have even thought of attending the weeklong desert arts festival.. if my 68-year-old parents hadn't suggested it. My brother a Burning Man artist ...with a large installation called Homouroboros.”

  • Burning Festival, quando Wall Street incontra i freak (original Italian text)
    “Burning Festival, when Wall Street meets the freak” (automated English translation)
    Il Sole 24 Ore (Milan, Italy) by Serena Danna, August 29, 2007

    Some material from the Aug. 27 Conde Naste Portfolio article (below) for an Italian audience, but with greater emphasis on California involvement punning the name of the Chippewa tripe to describe Silicon Valley’s “Chipways”

  • Rath Yatra to be held in middle of Nevada desert
    Hindustan Times (New Delhi, India) by Indo-Asian News Service, August 27, 2007
    Rath Yatra of Lord Krishna at the world famous Burning Man festival in Nevada desert, August 28, 2007

    Devotees of eighth incarnation of Vishnu, Hindu deity, will host Camp Krishna. Features include temporary, full-fledged temple with life-size deities, a wedding, and procession of the Rath Yatra chariot for Lord Jagannatha (imported from Vancouver) “...The Rath Yatra will be held on all seven days... ending on Janmashtmi (Krishna's birthday)”

  • Mad Science at Burning Man
    Dan Glass, Discover Magazine, August 27, 2007

    “Experimentation copulates with art in the ultimate open-access laboratory.”

  • Greening the Burn
    World, by Jeremy Faludi, August 27, 2007

    “Burning Man is well known as the best party on the planet. What's equally true but less well known is that it is the largest Leave No Trace event on the planet as well ...If you think the Burning Man organization is jumping on the green-is-hip bandwagon, you're wrong.”

  • Moment Captured: Getting costumes, art cars right for Burning Man
    Las Vegas Sun, by Kristen Peterson, August 27, 2007

    “Their annual pilgrimage is no secret to the neighbors, Bill Wise says. ‘When you drive boat cars with flame throwers through the neighborhood, it's pretty obvious.’ ”

  • The Man Goes to Burning Man
    Conde Nast Portfolio, by Andrea Chalupa, August 27, 2007

    ‘The business folks who go (albeit anonymously, in the spirit of the event) say they get something out of this nonhierarchical, open-society environment ...exactly the opposite of the Wall Street and hedge fund worlds.”

  • NASA Goddard Scientist Treks to the Burning Man Festival, August 27, 2007

    “Dr. Betsy Pugel participated in Burning Man as a science liaison. She works as a physicist and electrical engineer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.” (includes links to podcasts and transcripts of Burning Man Information Radio shows she hosted)

  • Burners think green, prepare for the playa
    Reno Gazette-Journal by Carla Roccapriore, August 27, 2007

    “In addition to solar panels powering the pavilion at the base of the man... Burners who are concerned about the impact they'll have on the environment...will have several options this year to ‘green their burn.’ ”

  • Spark it up by James Baimbridge, August 27-September 6, 2007

    “ excitement and nervousness are both mounting. After an hour, the playa appears in the distance, the green neon Man just discernible through a windstorm whipping up thick clouds of dust...”

  • Reno exhibition highlights range of Burning Man outfits
    San Francisco Examiner, by Sylvia Rubin, August 26, 2007

    Photographer Geoffrey Nelson: “I wanted to isolate the outfits against a white background and do more of a classic study. I also wanted to capture their inner happiness, the sense of joy everyone seems to have up there..” (includes link to Exhibit Photos)

  • Burning Man gets in touch with its environmental side
    Sacramento Bee, by David Watts Barton, August 24, 2007

    “...This year, the environment is the focus of the event, from the theme art to the many efforts at conservation and recycling that are being undertaken to compensate for what is estimated to be the event's 27,000-ton ‘carbon footprint.’ ”

  • LIers head to Nevada's Burning Man Festival (Link no longer active)
    Newsday (Long Island, NY), August 19, 2007, by Cameron Bird.

    A group gathered on a sweltering August day in the manufacturing district of Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood to break bread and pack up. 300 or so other New Yorkers and Long Islanders, will soon head west for a week of camping in Nevada's unforgiving Black Rock Desert.

  • Burning Man festival takes on greenish glow
    St. Petersburg Times, August 19, 2007, by Andrew Stelzer

    Although it's difficult to hear above the roar of flame throwers, 24-hour nightclubs, power generators and assorted portable discos rolling across the desert, the question inevitably comes up. “Isn't that stuff they're burning toxic?” This year, Burning Man is trying to address that criticism.

  • Bay Area Group Building Dancing Robot
    KGO-TV (ABC-San Francisco), Aug. 19, 2007, by Richard Hart

    Throughout the Bay Area artists are rushing to finish performance projects in time for the annual desert event. One of those groups is building a GPS ballet... This robot was born to dance.

  • Burning Man art lands exhibit at museum
    Reno Gazette-Journal, August 15, 2007, by Carla Roccapriore

    A piece of Burning Man has made its way into the Nevada Museum of Art. Longtime Burner and local artist Geoffrey Nelson spent the past year putting together a 27-piece exhibit, “A Tribe of Artists: Costumes & Culture at Burning Man.”

  • Legendary Burning Man festival gets an eco-conscience
    Grist Magazine, August 3, 2007, By Judith Lewis

    Nothing on the Playa this summer will be greener than the art. Eco-themed projects have burst forth as if lurking ready-made in some alternate universe, waiting to be born into the world of metal and neon. Says Tom Price, “Who says we can't solve the world's problems while blowing things up and shooting flame throwers in fuzzy pants?”

  • The Revolution Will Not Be Invoiced
    Common Ground, August 2007, by Charles Shaw

    Burners Without Borders, a new movement for social change borne out of the Burning Man festival, is rewriting the rules of activism.

  • San Francisco park features Fryer's ‘Stan’
    Mt. Shasta News, July 18, 2007

    An article about an art piece first featured at burning man in 1999 becoming a permanent fixture at a neighborhood park in San Francisco.

  • Magic Airport, Chad Slattery, July 16, 2007

    “Watch the Burning Man revelers pull an airport out of the desert…then make it disappear.”
    An article on about Burning Man's airport and the unique pilots who fly into it.

  • Hot-and-heavy sculpture gets artists warmed up: Enormous flame-breathing creations at Fire Arts Festival are prelude to Burning Man
    San Francisco Chronicle, Meredith May, July 13, 2007

    More than 400 fire sculptors, dancers and musicians gathered for the seventh annual Fire Arts Festival in San Francisco. Many artists who showcased at the festival were also test-firing the sculptures they plan to bring to the annual Burning Man festival.

  • Generation Dobler: The fight to avoid buying, selling, or processing in a wealthy modernity
    Reason Magazine, Brian Doherty, July 12, 2007

    Brian Doherty - author of the book “This is Burning Man” which chronicles the festival from its earliest beginnings on a San Francisco beach - ruminates on the controversy surrounding the participation of green technology companies in Burning Man 2007. Thoughtful reflections on assimilating commercial entities into Black Rock City, a temporary community based on the principles of gifting and decommodification.

  • Burning Man grows up
    Business 2.0 Magazine, by Chris Taylor, Senior Editor, July 2007

    “America's biggest counterculture jamboree is... trying to leverage its brand and save the planet -- by (gasp!) inviting corporate participants.... Some executives were slow to understand exactly what kind of event they were dealing with.”

  • Campers feel the burn at Black Rock
    Nevada Magazine - Photo Essay, July-August 2007

  • Burning to Play
    San Francisco Chronicle, By Lisa Hix, July 5, 2007

    “Interactive Arson, a Burning Man camp, are busy twiddling with their installation out on the back patio... This is Dance Dance Immolation, a pyromaniac spin on an arcade favorite: Play the dancing game, and when you screw up, you get shot with flames.”

  • Burning Man: Fact & Fiction, June 25, 2007, by Scott G, the G-Man

    Every year, media coverage of Burning Man gets it wrong. Scott G presents many myth-busting details about the annual celebration held the week before Labor Day on the Playa of Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada.

  • Scorched Nuts: Trying to Recreate the Wonder of Burning Man
    Cincinnati City Beat, by Kevin Warwick, June 15, 2007

    “The regional Ohio ‘burn,’ known as Scorched Nuts, takes place this week in College Corner, Ohio, about 45 minutes north of Cincinnati.”

  • Just for the neck of it: Project shows that a man's reach should exceed his giraffe., by Gary Warth, June 3, 2007

    A smoke alarm salesman, inspired by the art cars at Burning Man, builds a 17 ft. tall walking and glowing robotic giraffe.

  • Shipyard, City Struggle to Reach Compromise, Richard Brenneman, June 1, 2007

    Berkeley's shipyard closing affects artists including those currently working on Mecabolic, the trash-to-energy system “that
    was to have been a central feature of this year's Burning Man festival in Nevada”

  • The Greening of Burning Man (Podcast) Radio, by Meaghan O’Neill, May 2007

    “O’Neill talks with Burning Man’s Environmental Manager Tom Price about green tech on the playa, Burners Without Borders, and Black Rock City as a sustainable microcosm”

  • Burning Man takes on Green Tech
    CNET, Daniel Terdiman, May 7, 2007

    “If you head to Burning Man this summer and see an 80-foot slug belching plumes of fire as it inches across the desert, don't worry: it's not an environmental disaster.”

  • Green friendly blogger who has never been to Burning Man blogging about the event going green, Jeremy Korzeniewski, May 05, 2007

  • Yuri's Night: Burning Man meets NASA
    CNET, by Daniel Terdiman, April 14, 2007

    “an all-night science fair cum dance party cum aviation festival... several of the very first exhibits, set amid the giant NASA hangars, were pieces that had been created originally for Burning Man.”

  • NASA Goes to Burning Man: A Yuri's Night Gallery photo essay, April 2

  • Burning Man increases donations to local communities
    Sparks Tribune, April 2007

  • Beach Blazes Make Comeback
    San Francisco Chronicle, Chuck Squatriglia, March 22, 2007

    “Burning Man artists create 12 fire pits to be installed on Ocean Beach, allowing tradition to resume.”

  • Bonfires Back On Ocean Beach, March 2007

    Further coverage of fire pits installation at San Francisco's Ocean Beach.

  • Fire starter
    Reno News and Review, by Chad Sorg, March 15, 2007

    Controlled Burn performs fire arts in Reno, and is working on “The Shiva Vista Project, an art installation (that) will boast 20 towers breathing fire and be easily visible for many miles across the playa when it comes to Burning Man in 2008.”

  • The mystery of La Contessa
    Reno News and Review, Feb. 15, 2007

    “La Contessa was a Spanish galleon... built around a school bus, designed to trawl the Burning Man festival... where it became perhaps the most iconic and surreal art piece in the event's history”

  • “This Is Burning Man”'s Brian Doherty interviewed about the John Law case
    Newsweek/, Jessica Bennet, January 16, 2007