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by Andy Taylor

Flame bearing firewalker
   entering my dreams-
      clad in leather garments-
          clinging, revealing every seam so as to
        be seen more fully naked for the clothing
     which accentuates-
   each rivulet of sweat beading in hair and dripping
     down cheeks-

Intensity of jugglers set rhythmically to flame-

   Dance for the man-
   Dance while he burns-
     Chant for the man as the crowd turns tight and
   presses in to release life in strong thrown gestures-

Man made lightning striking-
   heart burning-
     rib cage slowly oscillating swing while we all
   climb aboard-
drums banging into the night next to laser lit
  streaming silk cocoon and the wind restructuring
   environs to its will-

Invite me back barren plain- invite me back to dream-

        Welcome Home.

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