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San Francisco Precompression 2012!

Burning Man Presents Precompression 2.0: THE POLLINATION FACTORY!

Precompression Flyer


artist list coming soon!

Saturday evening, June 30th, 2012
8:00pm until 4:00am - (performances end at 3:30am)
8-9pm Burning Man New-Bee Happy Hour & Cross Pollinator Mix-a-thon!

At The Factory
525 Harrison St, San Francisco
(between 1st and 2nd St)
Parking nearby at 2nd St between Harrison & Bryant

$20; just $15 before 9pm or w/donation of Art Supplies* (Details below)

21 & Over with ID
No ins and outs, but an outdoor smoking section is available

3 performance areas and multiple rooms of art, info and theme camps! Come for The New-Bee Happy Hour & Mixer and stay lateódonít miss a moment of this special evening in The Pollination Factory!


Participate in The Pollination Factory of Abundant Life and BUZZ-arre Experience! The garden will be abloom with cultural treasures and gilded petals at our annual Precompression celebration! As our culture floats to new frontiers like pollen on the winds of change, fragrant blooms and bursts of color will brighten the night sky. Embrace the immediacy and machinations of this moment in the company of enchanted flowers, exotic hummingbirds, bats and fluttering bees abuzz with the honey-dewed nectar of imagination!

Arrive promptly at 8pm for a special New-Bee cross-pollination mixer! Come festooned to participate in our Fertility 2.0 Fashion Show for cultural cross-pollinators, cross-dressers, floral hybrids, and honey bees! Dress your fertile best and join a stunning variety of performers, artists, theme camps, DJs, and new friends in this special pollination edition of Precompression!

All stage performance slots are full, but to perform on the art go-go platforms or create an interactive experience, email:flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com now!

To volunteer: SEvolunteers(at)burningman(dot)com

* Bring generous art supplies for the Boys & Girls Club of SF, Tenderloin Clubhouse, and get a $5 discount on entry. They need: drawing paper, acrylic paints, brushes, scissors, markers, fun stickers, yarn, crochet hooks & knitting needles, masking/duct tape, simple digital cameras, and craft items.
Not needed: crayons, glue, glitter. (Theyíve stocked up on glitter. Gotta love that!)


Anodyne Industries
Dustfish Camp
Edmundo (Airpusher)
El Radio Fantastique
Heart Deco
Jen Woolfe (Shameless)
Josh Vincent
DJ Kelly
DJ Laird
Mana Maddy
Mancub (Space Cowboys)
Natalie de Luna
Neon Bunny
Solar Flare
Travis Time Bomb


Bob Marzewski- Mayan Tricycle
Buena Chica – Mandala Art Participation Project
Dan Fox - Anubis
Danny Macchiarini - Dragon Smelter
Douglas Kittredge Aximages – AX Gallery
Christopher Schardt - Char Wash
Joshua Coffey - The Gift Prolific
Joegh Bullock – Celebrity Burner Bee Swarm
C SkwaReD - SkwaReD mutants
Tex Allen - Why the Nose
Gregg Fleishman, Melissa Barron, Terry Gross - Otic Oasis & Man Pistil
Flux Foundation - Zoa
Gary Long - City Lights
Rob Bell and Audrey Whaling - Zonotopia
Jack Allen - Divine Feminine
David Best - Temple of Juno
Circle of Regional Effigies
AXimages - AX Gallery
Verena Rueckert - Desert Spring


RED NECTAR LOUNGE (hosted by Heart Deco)

8:00-8:30        DJ Hummingbird
8:30-9:15        Firefingers
9:20-10:05      Mana Maddy
10:10-10:55    Lowgritt
11:00-11:45    DJ Kelly
12:00-End      HEART DECO DJs:
12:00-12:45     DJ Alvaro Bravo
12:45-1:30      DJ Dane
1:30-2:40       Jen Woolfe
2:40-3:30       LekkaBru

including Jen Woolfe (Shameless) and Josh Vincent
+ Go-Go Flowers & BEE Boys


9:00-9:30        DJ Ropelight
9:30-10:20      Hoverkraft
10:25-11:10    Travis Timebomb
11:15-12:05    El Radio Fantastique
12:10-12:25    Solar Flare
12:30-12:50    The Pollination Fashion Show
12:55-1:45      Easystreet
1:50-2:35        Kimba
2:40-End        DJ Mancub

+ featuring Solar Flare, Natalie de Luna & Others on the live art platforms

DISCO HONEYCOMB (upstairs): 

10:00-10:50    Intellectrical
10:55-11:45    Anodyne Industries
11:50-12:40    Edmundo (Airpusher)
12:45-1:35      NeonBunny
1:40-2:30        SanedracHunter
2:35-End        DJ Laird

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