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NO SPECTATORS Weekend - July 26-31

Burning Man Presents...

NO SPECTATORS Weekend 2008!
July 26-31
Since 1998, by declaration from then-Mayor Willie Brown, July 31st commemorates NO SPECTATORS DAY in San Francisco. To celebrate it this year -- in true Burning Man style -- we bring you not one, but THREE radically diverse events filled with new and exciting ways to pARTicipate! 
Burning Man Pre-pARTicipation Costume Swap & Bike Prep Party and Potluck!
Saturday July 26: Noon-5PM
FREE & ALL AGES - Bring costumes, food/drink to share!
Burning Man HQ
1900 3rd St, between 16th and Mariposa St - back lot (enter through parking lot and go around back)
Join us at BMHQ for a super fun Saturday preparing for the PLAYA, including:

  • COSTUME & CLOTHING SWAP with sewing/crafting workshops: It's transformation time, so bring bags and bags of costumes, clothing, and items to re-purpose or gift! Bring hot glue/guns or other helpful tools/materials.
    We hope to see everyone bring a bag and leave with one!!!
  • BIKE REPAIR & DECORATING: Bring your bike to prepare it for the playa and art-ify it up with scraps of this and that! A perfect opportunity to work on your art bike in good company. Bobalou will help with tools and guidance.
  • MUSIC by DJ Justin Credible & Friends
  • Playa-worthy POTLUCK & BBQ: the BBQ will be hot, so bring food and beverages to share with new and old friends!
  • DIY WORKSHOPS: Want to gift others your skills or favorite playa tips? We've got tables where you can host your own "how-to"!

All this and MORE at Burning Man HQ - rear parking lot - 1900 3rd Street (between 16th St. & Mariposa St.) To enter, please bring a bag of art supplies/costumes/clothing to gift and/or food to share! Most importantly, bring your projects and let's work on them together!
E-mail firekitty(at)burningman(dot)com if you'd like to lead a workshop, bring your sewing machine or have other related ideas.
The 5th Annual Burning Man pARTiciPARADE! - COSTUME CRAWL with DIY Marching Band
Sunday July 27: 1:30PM-5PM
We March at 2:30PM Sharp!
Meet at Buena Vista Park and Haight Street (near Lyon) FREE and ALL AGES!
Meet at the big tree in Buena Vista Park just off Haight Street (near Lyon) at 1:30PM to begin our unofficial 12 stOp program to freak Haight Street! Our costume crawl pedestrian journey into radical sidewalk adventure leaves the park at 2:30PM sharp and makes various stops from can-can to carousel ride.
We will end by meeting up with the BLACKROCK ROLLER DISCO folks to rollerskate at 6th Avenue and Kennedy Drive. You will BE a tourist attraction, so wear outrageous hats, colors, stripes, dots, your wildest wearable art creations or your favorite parade outfit and comfortable shoes. Bring noise makers/kazoo/pots & pans to add to the music; flower petals (if ya got em); and treats to share along the way. BE the art and put a little freak back in Haight Street!
Burning Stories Night at Burning Man HQ Thursday July 31, 7PM Burning Man HQ
1900 3rd St, between 16th and Mariposa St - 2nd Floor
Join us in our annual quest for hilarious, tall tales of impossible danger and deep meaningful connection about the spirit of Burning Man. Bring a story to share about your Burning Man experience and help carry on our verbal tradition of bizarre and unusual storytelling!
FREE and All Ages, but stories may involve adult language. You do not need to tell a story to attend and storytellers/time may be limited if a large turnout. 


Decom Call For Participation - For SF and Beyond!
There is Life After Playa...and we call it Decompression!
The SF DECOMPRESSION Heat the Street FaIRE! is 10/12 - sign up NOW at flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com.
This time of year it can be hard to imagine anything past the specter of Burning Man, but there is indeed life after the Playa, and we call it...Decompression! Your Burning Man Special Events Team is already hard at work planning this year's spectacular San Francisco Decompression Heat the Street FaIRE!, coming October 12th to Indiana Street. Similar teams around the world are planning theirs!
To reserve a space for your art, theme camp, mutant vehicle, or performance at the SF Decom, please email flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com TODAY so we can accommodate and celebrate YOUR imagination and spirit. Fire performance and fire/steam art submissions should be in before Burning Man to support the fire permit process - so tell us now how you would like to help heat the street! 
Decompression is organized through a massive team of amazing volunteers. To be part of the SF Decom team, email firekitty(at)burningman(dot)com. To find out about other Decoms and Regional Events in a city near you, see:
As you prepare for the Playa, take a moment now to plan how your art will make it to a local Decom or regional events. That's right! Take your art on the road and keep the fires burning year-round! End of page

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