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Burning Man presents:

BURNAL EQUINOX Flambe Lounge 2014 Art Salon & Mixer!

Burnal Equinox Flyer

Saturday, March 8th! - 7pm to 4am
(closing 1 hour after the Spring temporal shift. You do the time math!)

At Public Works

161 Erie Street, SF, CA 94103
(between Division & 14th St. in the Mission)

21&up, $20; just $15 with donation of art supplies for local art programs

Join us from 7-9pm for the Cardboard-iverse & Silly String Theory Happy Hour. Help create a cardboard representation of your multiverse and determine the fate of it!


Join fellow travelers on their way to The Multiverse Outpost! Collaborate in a world in which many realities, cultures and creative universes overlap... an entropic reality sandwich riddled with tasty worm holes and dark matter unicorns, where everything is a form of string theory and thus equally probable somewhere. You are encouraged to come bearing customs and gifts from your universe to help create a gift market of experience, a showcase of imagination, and an IN-terdimensional OUTpost of sentient expression!

Burnal Equinox is our first community event of the year and we look forward to your participation! So, ramp up your radical self-expression and join a wide variety of performers, artists, theme camps, and friends at this creative salon to encourage arts collaboration in the Bay Area and mark the mid-point in our burning year!

Participation is not restricted by adherence to the theme. All are welcome!

Delicious DJs, Bodacious Bands, & Peculiar Performances by: Anthony Mansfield (Disco Knights), Ben Anderson (Flux Foundation), DJ King Mob (BMSE), DJ Ragged Robin (BMSE), Djesika (Airpusher), Edmundo (Airpusher), Fou Fou HA!, JNZ, JonBoy, M3 (Disco Knights), Marky Ray (Brass Tax), Mz K., Neon Bunny, Dr. Notorious, PBBBBBLT!, SanedracHunter, Smudge, Snail Trail, Shissla (Space Cowboys), Tamo (Angels of Bass/Space Cowboys), The Thrillpeddlers, Trashkan Marchink Band, The Klown (Bizarro Circus of Beat), Xzist, & Zenotrope

Awesome Art & Thrilling Theme Camps Include: Anjelika Petrochenko (Cargo Cunt), Burning Man Project, Chris Benson & East Bay Burners (The Kraken), Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet, Dan Fox (The Alien Siege Machine), Danny Macchiarini (Dragon Smelter), KSA DiscoKatz Photo Booth, Miso Horny, Nick Grainger paintings, Playa Info, Silent Disco, & Volunteer Resource Team

Vivacious Visuals by: Celestine Star, Diana Maxwell, Eriks Strals, Hal "Rainbow Puddles" Muskat, Hugh Kimbrough, Jen Cohen, Mark McGothigan, Mister Wa, Peter Booth Lee, Tari Karkanen, SierraRon Halbert, & VJ Caroluna

Want to radically Volunteer? Click Here!

Downstairs - Multiverse Stage
7:00 Neon Bunny Multi-verse Mixed-up Mix
8:00 DJ King Mob (BMSE)
8:15 Dr. Notorious
9:00 DJ Ragged Robin (BMSE)
9:15 Zenotope
10:05 Prince Xzist
10:15 TrashKan Marchink Band
10:35 Thrillpeddlers
10:55 Prince Xzist
11:05 Snail Trail
11:55 Smudge (TKMB)
12:45 Prince Xzist
1:50 Fou Fou Ha!
2:00 JonBoy (Opulent Temple)

Upstairs Lounge
9:00 JNZ
10:00 SanedracHunter
10:45 Shissla (Space Cowboys)
11:45 M3 (Disco Knights)
12:45 Anthony (Disco Knights)
1:45 Tamo (Space Cowboys)

Outside - Silent Frisco Disco
9:00 Edmundo (Airpusher)
10:00 Djesika (Airpusher)
11:00 Marky Ray (Brass Tax)
12:00 Ben Anderson (Flux Foundation)
1:00 Edmundo (Airpusher)
2:00 The Klown (Bizarro Circus of Beat)

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These events take place in the SF Bay Area. If you live in the area or are coming into town for one of these events, you can volunteer to help in various ways.
Check out our Flambé Lounge Volunteer needs.