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The 2004 Fire Arts Festival - Crucible & Black Rock Arts Foundation Benefit Gala Schedule

On Thursday July 8 at the Crucible:

6:30-7:15 Mark Deutsch – sitar/bazantar
7:05-7:15 Phoenix Rising, excerpt from “The Lake”
7:15-7:30 Welcome by Michael Sturtz, Executive Director of The Crucible
7:30-7:40 Capacitor, dance fusion
7:40-7:45 Marisa Lenhardt – soprano, Opera San Jose
7:45-7:50 Larry Harvey greeting and BRAF mission
7:50-8:00 Harley DuBois announces BRAF grant recipients
8:00-8:20 Board member mixer
8:25-8:35 Members of Xeno, aerial and percussion excerpt from “Circuit”
8:35-8:50 Infinite Kaos, performing “Sacrifice”
8:50-9:00 Vau de Vire Society, avante-dance acrobatics
9:00-9:15 Bronze Pour
9:15-9:35 La Fiebre featuring Fyrestorm, fire dance Latinoamericano
9:35-9:45 Procession to The Fire Arts Arena with featured artists, fire stilters and performers
9:35-10:20 Jasmine Garden and Gingerbread Candy Monahan of Rosin Coven, violin and cello
10:00-10:20 Featured Times for Fire Sculpture
10:20-10:25 GRAND FINALE with Marisa Lenhardt, Fire Conclave and all fire sculpture groups!

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