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Please note that all fire performances and sculptures are subject to final on-site approval by the San Francisco Fire Marshal. Some pieces described below may vary in interactivity from their description to meet citywide safety requirements.

Bad Kitties

When they are good they are very, very good, but when they are naughty they are the BAD KITTIES! This sexy fire hoop, poi, and staff duo, Katie Desmond and Christina Nelson, are going to sizzle things up with their flaming hoops and will leave you purrrrrrrrrrring for more.


WOWing audiences since 2003, BomTribe is a dynamic, eclectic community troupe featuring seasoned performers skilled at juggling, contact improv, poi, staff, hoop, fans, and acrobatics. BomTribe has performed as part of the Fire Conclave at Burning Man, at The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival, at In the Streets Festival, and at nightclubs and events throughout San Francisco.

Dan Cantrell

Dan Cantrell’s main instruments, the piano, the accordion, and musical saw, have given way to a unique stylistic voice that is eloquent, eclectic, and hauntingly harmonious. He has extensive jazz, classical, and modern musical training, paired with years of work and study of folk music, which give him the ability to compose original music that humbly outshines traditional forms. Recently he has focused on the study of folk and popular music from Eastern Europe, as well as composing for over 30 films, dance pieces, and theater.

Carpetbag Brigade

The Carpetbag Brigade, directed by Jay Ruby and Kristen Greco, is known for fostering a sense of psychic intimacy, poetic dialogue, and mythic imagery. The company has evolved acrobatic stilt work into pioneering partner techniques and applied modern dance and physical theater forms to create socially reflective performances. They inhabit the fusion of worlds between dance, theater, and circus.

Paul Cesewski (Fire Lilies)

Cesewski creates interactive art pieces such as Starwheel and Fire Lilies. His work is directly engaging, lyrical, and pleasantly oversized!

Bill Codding (The Burninator)

The Burninator is a prototype of a set of computer-sequenced flame nozzles. It produces patterns and sequences of flame along the entire mechanism and can be controlled by the general public.

Controlled Burn

Controlled Burn comes to you live from Reno. They plan to "bring a taste of Nevada-style fire performance to the city where it all started!" For more information on these progressive artists visit:

Coven Fire Troupe

Coven is a Bay Area-based performance troupe that unites the primal energies of fire and movement with futuristic manifestations of sound and imagery to conjure new magical realities for the 21st Century.

The Crucible

Based in Oakland, The Crucible is an arts education center that fosters a collaboration of arts, industry, and community. They will be conducting demonstrations of some of the many fire arts classes they offer at their facility. Through training in the fine and industrial arts, The Crucible promotes creative expression, reuse of materials, and innovative design while serving as a public arts venue. The Crucible is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Save the date for their 2006 Fire Arts Festival July 12-15th!

Fire Arts Collective

Demon Theater: War of the Underworld. Two demon clans will clash in a bid for power. Through fire and treachery only one will stand.

Flaming Lotus Girls (The Gate & Two Feathers)

For the 2006 San Francisco Fire Arts Expo, the Flaming Lotus Girls present the Gate and Two Feathers, a unique, interactive environment of stainless steel and fire. The Gate is a fiery archway that people can walk through, entering into a "firescape." As people cross the threshold of The Gate they are given an opportunity to activate the "poofer" fire effect in the feathers.

Orion Fredericks (Echeveria & Twins)

Whether it be a way of seeing or associating, Fredericks is interested in providing an opportunity to return to a point in life where one does not remember the effects of culture in the shaping of how one "normally sees." For him, this point is primordial and timeless - a place of metaphysical observance and clarity.

Richard Friedberg (Toaster Boy)

Richard Friedberg has been building things for as long as he can remember. An untrained artist, he studied electronics and flew model rockets for years. He is part outsider artist and part "high tech folk hero." His approach is to create using whatever he finds and can be recycled. He often works with a small cast of characters who help with projects near Camp Verde and Scottsdale, AZ. "Good art," he says, "should be humorous, make you think, and offend the small-minded."

Charles A. Gadeken (Heart on Fire)

Exhibiting limited edition copper hearts on stainless steel stands with fire.

Gamelan X

Gamelan X is a 15-person world music ensemble with roots in traditional Balinese marching percussion ensembles. These American musicians fuse their own instruments and styles with Indonesian percussion, other Eastern music, African drumming, and physical theater, forming a hybrid marching band and world music concert ensemble. Where stage rigging permits, the show incorporates aerial circus performance.

Wally Glenn (Propane Fountain & Zen Garden)

Wally Glenn is a fire artist from Seattle, WA, who has been creating fire art and spectacular performances since 1997. He is best known for his character "Pyro Boy", who covers his body in fireworks that explode as he dances (regretfully, not a part of this exhibit). His work was featured in February 2006 in London on Channel 4 UK's TV show, "Death Wish Live."

Bob Hofmann (Pyrocussion & Wishing Well)

Pyrocussion is a new propane-powered percussion instrument consisting of multiple vertical propane "cannons" played with traditional drumsticks. As you can see, feel, and hear this unique instrument, it can also be appreciated by hearing-impaired people. Bob Hofmann, its inventor, is currently looking for talented individuals to join the Pyrocussion team to take compositions and performances to the next level.


Hunter is a dancer who uses a staff and fire to explore movement and energy. You may recognize his unique style from such Bay Area performances as "Flame Jockey Hot Pants" and the recent Death Rock Rainbow Show or know him from his previous work with Molotov Cocktease. To book him or his performance troupe, Combustible, contact James Riedy at


InterKonnected is the performance troupe from Infinite Kaos, a movement-based community of explorers. They will be performing IK ("eek") the Dragon, a fire version of the mythical Asian beast that erupts to life to joyously explore and relish the experience of being alive. For the performers, the dragon dance is a journey into group connection and communal purpose.

Scot Jenerik (F-Space)

Scot Jenerik is a conceptual artist working primarily with the mediums of sound, fire, performance, and instrument-building (as a solo artist and member of F-Space). He has performed and lectured extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Japan; and has produced multiple internationally-distributed audio and video works.

Robert (Rigger) Kilpatrick (Bizarro Saguaro)

The inspiration for this project came while on the roof of a house the artist built, bordering the Saguaro National Monument outside Tucson, AZ. As he sat on the roof annual monsoon rains arrived in the form of an enormous thunderbolt, which struck a nearby Saguaro cactus. The cactus erupted into flames, causing an enormous firestorm that raged for nearly a month and burned a million acres of desert.

Roger Lai

Roger Lai has been part of the Bay Area's community of fire artists for more than three years. Keep your girlfriends and wives, your children and dogs away, lest they become irresistibly drawn to his mesmerizing flames.


Laird is a Bay Area DJ famous for spinning psychedelic breakbeat, space funk, and house music. He is also one of the masterminds behind Get YER Freak on!, Boombox, and PSYCHOFUNKODISCODELIC.

Marisa Lenhardt

Soprano Marisa Lenhardt has performed with Opera San Jose and Velocity Circus and can currently be seen at supperclub sf. At Burning Man she sings in Thunderdome.

Liquid Fire

Seven sizzling Bay Area artists, born out of the Temple of Poi, come together in a rhythmic journey of coalescence and flow, welding mind to motion in a fiery dance.

Los Sueños del Fuego

Established in 2003, Los Sueños del Fuego is a Bay Area-based fire and light art performance troupe. Specializing in partner, group, and theatrical choreography, they have performed at events throughout the West Coast and beyond.

Loyd Family Players

The Loyd Family Players are an all-star ensemble of samba percussion players from throughout California who have been creating spontaneous processions on the playa for over five years. In June 2005, the East Bay-based contingent started to infuse the group's traditionally Brazilian and funk-based beats with some dirty Oakland flavor: dance-floor vocals, hip-hop shout-outs, club rhythms, call-and-responses, megaphones.

Alan Macy

Flame sculptures by Alan Macy and Fishbon are a dramatic expression of the power of collaborative work between artists, scientists, designers, performers, and participants. These sculptures demonstrate the importance of human reciprocity in art. Using interactive technology to harness the fierce destructive energy of fire, participants are reminded of a primeval past and an uncertain future.

Meghan Pike

Meghan Claire Pike (aka MCP) has been doing contact fire staff for three years and continues to evolve as a performer with a sense of humor. She refers to her show as "a pretentious aria to staff manipulation, with some fish thrown in for good measure." Needless to say, she does not take herself seriously - and neither should you. She prefers everyone have fun!


The Bay Area's newest, extremely innovative flow and fire performance troupe, Emanate FX, features Temple of Poi instructors Sparky, Resonance, Hunter, Heraclitus, Lacy, and Temple of Poi founder, GlitterGirl. For booking and upcoming shows, see

The Nekyia

The Nekyia is a San Francisco-based performance company creating raw, sweaty, sexy, soulfully original music and dance. Emerging from the world of contemporary belly dance fusion, The Nekyia incorporates Latin, samba, jazz, and fire performance into a celebration of body and spirit.

Karl Nettmann (Water Fire Light Fountain)

Karl Nettmann, self-proclaimed pyroamoric, is a 12-year veteran of the Hollywood film industry and a licensed pyrotechnician. Using his expertise in the weird and wacky he has blended the mediums of fire and water into a set of rather unusual fountains.

Nocturnal Sunshine

Nocturnal Sunshine is a visionary fire-dance troupe based in Santa Cruz, CA. Blending spectacular fire art with martial arts, theatrics, and dance, the troupe has been performing before awe-struck audiences since 2000.

Primal Fire

Based in Victoria, B.C., Canada, Primal Fire has been creating dazzling fire shows since the beginning of 2003 for local and international productions. They delight audiences with performances they adapt to suit each location and occasion.


Pyronauts are an international all-star fire troupe that performs as part of Burning Man's Fire Conclave. Members of Pyronauts appearing at this event include Arashi from Austin, Texas; world record sword swallower Dai Andrews from Baltimore; Kamala & Hannah from Los Angeles; and local favorites Vatra, Sean and Prisna.

Pyro Spectaculars

Thursday night's fireworks display is produced by Pyro Spectaculars by Souza, the world's premier pyrotechnic production company. The Souza family has been creating displays for community festivals in the Bay Area for 100 years and has produced displays for many premier events of our century, including the Olympics. The company has not forgotten its roots and still conducts over 1000 community events each year in California.

Linda Robertson

Violinist and 2004 Miss Accordian San Francisco, Linda Robertson performs solo and as part of Bay Area musical groups Cotton Candy and Nice Pants.

SaDa Fuego

SaDa Fuego creates choreographed and improvisational pieces to fuse their passions and inspirations with fire. Their performances are marked by synchronicity and integration of different dance backgrounds and fire tools.

Christopher Schardt (Pulsar)

Pulsar is a sculptural representation of an actual pulsar, an astronomical object (found in a nebula) that rotates while emitting energy on diagonal axes. This piece emits halogen lights and propane flames. The sculpture's rotation, lights, and flames are remotely controlled.

Jack Schroll (El Diablo)

El Diablo is the most powerful flame effects device ever built. In its heart sits a military fighter/trainer aircraft engine, which has been repurposed as art and modified to produce multi-colored flame effects that rise dramatically into the night sky.

Sexy Bitch and the Flame Gypsy

Sexy Bitch and the Flame Gypsy are a dynamic duo with a unique acrobatic style that turns crowds upside down with their fiery antics. Their amazing partner work strikes an unforgettable balance between the dance of flight and flame.

Nate Smith (Fire Vortex)

Nate Smith and crew create spectacular fire vortexes with large hand-held flame-emitting devices. They will perform several times each evening to directly "sculpt" fire into intense and startlingly beautiful swirling forms. Look for them in their silver suits!

THERM  (Thermo Kraken and Tesla Coil)

THERM is a collection of artists, technicians, engineers, inventors, metal-workers, and performers dedicated to exploring fire as an artistic medium. THERM creates sculptural forms as instruments that manipulate and shape the flame. Performances are a dynamic and exciting display of color, light, heat, sound, and shape. Their work ranges from explosive displays in the desert to quiet performances in art galleries.

Vau de Vire Society

Vau de Vire Society is an avant-cabaret community of dancers, actors, aerial and fire artists, acrobats, and beautiful circus freaks. For the past two years Vau de Vire has been cross-pollinating genres by collaborating with an eclectic variety of world-renowned orchestras, musicians, and DJs to create original stage shows for the unpretentious. With their unique brand of circus theatrics, Vau de Vire Society creates a live choreographed explosion of beauty, talent, and energy. You really must see them for yourself!


Xeno is a multimedia performance group that uses dance, music, and spoken word to create elaborate and imaginative new worlds for their audiences. Their home theater and headquarters is Xenodrome, in San Francisco. Don't miss their latest feature show!