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Decompression 2009

There is Life After Playa...and we call it Decompression!

This time of year it can be hard to imagine anything past the glowing promise of Burning Man, but there is indeed life after the Playa! Your Burning Man year-round volunteer Special Events Team is already hard at work planning this year's 10th Anniversary SF Decompression! Similar teams around the world are planning their Decoms-along with various weekend gatherings and regional events. So without further adue:

Decompression Flyer

The 10th Annual SF Decompression

Sunday, October 11, 2009
on Indiana Street in San Francisco
Noon SHARP until Midnight!

(Mariposa Stage ends 11pm. All other outdoor stages/sound end 10pm.)
Public Entrance: 19th St. & Minnesota St., SF
$10 donation in Black Rock Couture/Costume
$20 in streetwear
All ages outdoors; kids under 12 always absolutely free!
Age 21+ inside Cocomo (club closes @ 1:30am)

Decompression Directions


Full Stage Schedule

Decompression Street Map

FOOD: Tasty meat and veggie food options available for purchase (just added: bacon!) by Raz. Playa Beignets and coffee generously provided by Hal (Phoenix). Sales benefit the Black Rock Arts Foundation grant program. So, EAT FOR ART!

(Muni bus #22, #48 and BART connects with the 3rd St T-line)
Ride your bike and avoid driving on Minnesota Street completely!

Affordable parking available at UCSF parking lot (3rd Street at 16th Street) at discounted rate (should be approx $5 all day instead of $20).

Come at noon SHARP for a full twelve hours of art, performance, fire, dance, theme camps, circus arts, live music, DJs, Burning Man 2009 imagery, and more, more, MORE!!! All six blocks, the park, and the stages will be overflowing with a stunning variety of creative expression! Bring your imagination to share and BE the art you wish to see in the world!!!

It's looking positively AMAZING and this is going to be quite a 10th Anniversary Decompression! Full schedule and partial list of pARTicipants follow:

EVERYONE should read the Survival Guide DECOMandments before you come.

TO VOLUNTEER: Email firekitty(at)burningman(dot)com NOW while we have openings. Yes, WE WANT YOU to help at Decom! Also looking for volunteers to come back the next day and help us with our annual neighborhood clean up at 11am so we can leave the neighborhood cleaner than we found it! (We?ll have donuts, coffee, supplies and new friends! Come even earlier if you can and help us get a head start.)

Partial lists of participating artists and groups follow

FIRE ART: (pending SFFD approval)
Colored Flame Bowls - demo of salts affecting flame color –Jack Schroll 
Soma (partial installation) – Flaming Lotus Girls
Gee Gnome – John DeVenezia & Team Gnome
Symbios-r-us – Peter Sheridan
Molly the Mutant – Jon Dickinson
When Doves Fry – Mike Saleski
Justice – Amacker Bullwinkle 

FIRE PERFORMERS: (pending SFFD approval)
David Cantor
David Silverman – Flaming Tuba
Fire Arts Collective
Nick Griffin
Solar Flare
Vulcan Crew 


Al Lundell; Andrew Johnstone, Celestine Star; David Collin; Hal Phoenix; JacobEye; Jason Stephens; Keegan O'Brien; Mark McGothigan; Ron Halbert; Sun MacAnamee; and MORE!!!

ART and ART INSTALLATIONS BY: (alphabetized by artist first name)

Metamorphosis - Alex Thevenot; Grapestem - Ben Zero;  Light Trees -  Bill Watson; Spread Eagle - Bryan Tedrick;  Heatbeat Amplifier - Hitch McDermid;  Holga Art - Jamie Lloyd;  Maya - John Hagar; Mormon Cricket Crusade - Kathy Donofrio;  Playa Shower - Kira Trinity;  The Oracle Fountain - Kristina Kokonis; Transport Your Head - Logan Tautenhahn; QuadBod - Neil  Tanner; Halo Wall - Neil Kandalgaonkar;  Bottiesattva Zome - Rob Bell and Patricia Algara;  Memortrees - Robert Bengtson;  
Tensegrity Skew Icosahedron - Sandy McReynolds;  Lux Tonalus - Scott Morgan; (Oscillator) Monolith 2.0  - Tim Thompson; WDYDWYD - Tony Deifell;  Sound Cave   -  Tyson Ayers; Sonic Holoforms – Walter; Airship Victoria - Experimental Prototype X2 - Stacey Reineccius - Kristian Akseth and team; …even more signing up daily!  


Bacon and Beethoven; Bedrock Taxi; Black Rock Diner; BRC Dept of Mobility; Black Rock Rangers; BRC Gate and Perimeter; BRC Post Office; Bob's Rainforest; Bureau of Eroti Discourse; Burning Man Earth; Camp Above the Limit; Camp Canadianderthal; Camp Questionmark; Circus Metropolus; Camp Montage; Chalk Board art car; Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet; Culture Labs; CYBERBUSS; Darwin Mobile; Earth Guardians; ESD; Friends of Black Rock; Gothic Rocket Raygun Rover, GuerillaBASS; Hal's Playa Beignets; The Hillbilly Space Ship; Hookahdome; House of Lotus; Jelly fish; Liquid Latex Lounge; Lost Penguin; Lunapillar; Midnite Popcorn Playhouse; Mind Shaft Society; Nautilus X; NIMBY playa art; Neuroweapon; Nexus; Octopia;  Playa Info; Playa Pussie; Playa V; Red Lightning; Reel Mobile; Robot Heart; Sacred Spaces Village; Sharks!; Shipwreck Tiki Lounge; Solar Death Ray 3000 & Caution Car; Space Cowboys; Space Elevator; Spirit Dream Interpretation Café; Spanky’s; Strip Ship; Tarwater Ring Toss; Tribe of Artists; Tundra Bunny; Twilight Spaghetti Theatre; Wagonistas; Brass Tax; Monticello; Martha and the Disco Limo; WOW; and MORE!!!

To find out about other Decoms and Regional Events in a city near you, see: and for proof this is
now a year-round community with art and community events being planned here,
there and EVERYWHERE, literally every day of the year!!!

So, as you prepare for the Playa, take a moment NOW to also plan how your art will make it to the SF Decompression or other local Decompression and one or more Burning Man official regional events. That's right! Take your art on the road and keep the fires burning all year-long!

Directions to Decompression:

PLEASE TAKE MASS TRANSIT (Muni bus #22, #48 and BART connects with the 3rd St T-line), ride your bike, or carpool and avoid driving on Minnesota Street completely!

Affordable parking available at UCSF parking lot (3rd Street at 16th Street) at discounted rate (should be approx $5 all day instead of $20).

From the North Bay:
- Take 101 South
- Exit onto Richardson Ave. / US-101 South toward Lombard St.
- Turn Right onto Van Ness Ave. going 2.5 miles.
- Turn Left at 16th St.
- Turn Right at Mississippi St.
- Turn Left onto Mariposa St.
- Turn Left onto 3rd St.
The UCSF Parking lot is 3 blocks down at 16th.

From the East Bay:
- Take I-80 West
- Exit 1C toward 9th St.
- Keep left at the fork following signs for 8th St.
- Merge onto 8th St.
- Turn Left onto Bryant St.
- Turn Right onto 6th St.
- Take the ramp onto 280 South
- Exit at 18th St.
- Turn Left onto 18th St.
- Turn Left onto 3rd St.
The UCSF Parking lot is 3 blocks down at 16th.

From the South Bay:
- Take 101 N. and merge onto 280 N. or take 280 N.
- Exit onto Mariposa St.
- Turn Right onto Mariposa St.
- Turn Left onto 3rd St.
The UCSF Parking lot is 3 blocks down at 16th.

2009 Performer Schedule: 

12:00 Dookie Doodle
1:00 DJ FurSure
1:45 The Little Birds of Los Angeles
2:45 Bad Unkl Sista
2:55 Samantha Giron Dance Project
3:00 How to Survive The Apocalypse: The Burning Opera…sneak preview!
3:30 The Bombshells – punkrock burlesque
3:45 Kim Manning & Lantz Lazwell
4:30 Samantha Giron Dance Project – part 2
4:35 DJ Laird
5:15 Varona
6:00 Dizzyhips – hula hoop stuntman & world record holder
6:10 DJ Smoove
6:50 Tammy FireFly
7:00 Gooferman
7:45 Nick Griffin (Fire Performance)
7:50 Kinetica (Fire Performance)
8:10 David Cantor (Fire Performance)
8:15 Pyronauts (Fire Performance)
8:35 Fire Arts Collective (Fire Performance)
8:45 Fireuphoria (Fire Performance)
8:50 Pyrospin (Fire Performance)
9:10 Vulcan Crew (Fire Performance)
9:30 Solar Flare (Fire Performance)
10:00 The Zazous
10:45 Thank Yous + Closing Remarks ($teven Ra$pa)
11:00 ALL sound ends. (It’s quiet time…Sssshhhh…)

When you exit please keep side streets superquiet so as not to bother our neighbors and please pick up all trash and fliers. Thank you for your help and for making this a year-round community we can all be proud of! 
5:00 2009 Burning Man Videos & Photos
7:30 Burning Man Earth demo: The playa's new digital nervous system making cartography from chaos  - by Andrew Johnstone
7:45 P-Dub
8:15 AmesEla & Vincent Kwok
9:00 O.N.Y.D. Soundsystems
9:45 Baby Seal Club 
10:30 Icon
11:15 East Bay Sick
12:00 Mancub
12:45 L.D.I.

When you leave please keep side streets quiet and help us Leave No Trace! Help pick up trash and remove club fliers from cars.  We appreciate your help and THANK YOU for making this a year-round community! 
12:00 DJ Saynt
12:45 Muse of the Castle
1:05 KidHack - Dubstep set
1:50 Jaded Fux vs. Starry Eyed Virgins - debate
2:30 Shovelman – electric shovel music
3:15 DJ Little John
4:00 Bucky Coe
4:45 Dat Girl


12:00 Acid Angel
12:45 Melinda Smart
1:00 Martian Pumpkin
1:15 Fontain's Muse
2:00 DJ Kelly
2:30 GravyBrain
3:15 DJ Unagi
3:45 Curly
4:30 DJ NoMe
5:15 Moetar
6:00 DJ Whiskey Devil
6:30 Dark Sparkle
6:45 Slim Avocado
7:00 Nancy T
7:10 Melinda Smart
7:15 DJ Neon Bunny
7:45 Evolution Control Committee (ECC)
8:30 DJ Dragn'fly
9:00 Scott Huckabay
10:00 Sound ends.

Enjoy quiet conversation and great company till 12. When you leave please keep side streets QUIET and help us Leave No Trace!  

1:30 Samvega
2:15 Teresa Camp
2:25 Melinda Smart
2:30 Zapper
3:15 DJ Michael Anthony & The Late Night Sneaky
4:00 Fantuzzi
4:45 Anodyne
5:30 Evolution Fashion Showcase
6:00 HystErica's Hissyfit Fashions
6:10 Pink Dahlia and Vapor
6:15 THE PEOPLE’S FASHION SHOW – Starring YOU! So, strut that catwalk!
6:45 F'kir
7:30 Bootie BRC - mashup bootleg party
8:15 DJ MotionPotion
9:00 Tripknight
10:00 Sound ends.

Talk amongst yourselves till 12. When you leave please keep side streets quiet and help us Leave No Trace! Pick up all trash and fliers wherever you see them. Thanks! 
1:30 DJ X-10
2:00 The Mission Three
2:45  MegaFlame Presents...
3:20 Kid's Party! - Sillytime Dance Music for Kids. YAY!
3:45 One on One
4:15 DJ Don Diego - Tiki Time
4:45 Room For Cream
5:05 DJ Don Diego - Tiki Favorites
5:30 Trip Delight Fantastic
6:10 Hokey Pokie time
6:40 Carousel Galaxy
7:25 DJ Justin Credible
8:10 Drinking With Bukowski
9:00 TV Free Burning Man videos with sound until 10
10:00 TV Free Burning Man videos & 2009 Burning Man imagery – No Sound

Talk amongst yourselves till 12. When you leave please keep side streets quiet and help us Leave No Trace by picking up any trash or fliers as you go. Thanks for making this a year-round community we can all be proud of!  
12:00 Nautilus DJ – chill set
1:00 Damien Jones
2:00 DJ Vordo – the luxurious chill set
3:00 Amy Obenski
4:00 Loungedelica with DJ Shill
4:30 Fire Fingers
5:30 Lounge Music with DJ Shill
6:00 Nautilus DJ
7:00 Mr. Lucky
7:45 Nautilus DJ
8:45-9:45 Blair 
Burning Band Marching Band!
Dizzy Hips - hula hooping & stunts
Jud Yaski - balloon sculpture
Nick "The Creature" Harbar and Charisse Squires
Rumpel, the Worldly Kangaroo Fool of Oz!
Samba Stilt Parade
Tammy FireFly – stiltwalking

Many more, including and especially YOU!!! 

Follow the DECOMandments below to better enjoy and support our community event!

The 2009 DECOMmandments & Survival Guide 

The Decom Heat The Street FaIRE! is on Indiana St. between Mariposa and 22nd
- Enter at 19th and Minnesota Street
- Hours are Noon till Midnight
- Park closes at 10 pm
- Sound ends at 10 pm everywhere except the Mariposa Stage (until 11pm)

Taxi Stand: corner of 18th and Minnesota
Bike Racks: corner of 19th and Minnesota

Located just off the T-Line on 3rd and near major bus lines. Please use them:

Muni bus #22, #48 and BART connects with the 3rd St T-line 

Here’s how you can participate in making this our best Decompression ever!

  • Arrive Early! Come at NOON and enjoy a full day of amazing art, people and programming! Don't come late or you WILL miss amazing experiences and spectacles scheduled only EARLY in the day. Enter at 19th & Minnesota; the other entries are for registered artists/performers only.
  • Respect Our Neighbors. Enter and leave the area VERY quietly. Don’t block driveways and don’t drive or park on Minnesota Street AT ALL unless approved for unloading there in advance.
  • Green Your Commute! Don’t waste gas seeking a parking spot; parade to the event with thousands of others on public transportation. Or bike! There will be bike racks at 19th & Minnesota. Or carpool and park at the UCSF lot at 16th St. & 3rd St. (3 blocks away with special discounted $5 parking rate), at the ballpark, or on Illinois Street or Terry Francois Blvd. Please do NOT drive or park on Minnesota Street or Indiana Street. There will also be a taxi stand at 18th and Minnesota for your convenience. And mass transit is VERY convenient.
  • Express Yourself and pARTicipate! Wear your finest playa pageantry and costumery. Then illuminate your outfit with solar lighting and magical powers by night! Oh, and bring warm layers. It’s San Francisco, ya know! We always have room for photos and hanging art on the fences, but we tend to get FULL on everything else that needs placement or scheduling! To register art, please email flambelounge(at)burningman(dot)com so we can accommodate and celebrate YOUR special contribution to this amazing community. ALL sound systems, fire art, theme camps, vehicles and stage acts MUST be registered and confirmed in advance. (NO MORE SOUND OR FIRE ART THIS YEAR!)
  • Perform Random Acts of Art, Kindness and Gifting. You know you want to!
  • NO Renegade Sound or Unapproved Fire Performance, Fire Art, Fire Hats, Candles or Burning Clumps of Sage: Any of these will jeopardize this event. Leave unregistered sound and fire art home, please! And if you see anyone with fire outside the barricaded fire art area or the Mariposa fire stage, ask the person to PUT IT OUT and PUT IT AWAY right away!
  • Volunteer! This is a volunteer-driven event and we need volunteers! To be part of the process and team that makes Decompression so special, email firekitty (at) burningman (dot) com . Or stop in at Volunteer sign-up at the Decom Info located on Indiana at 19th. And EVERYONE is part of our Leave No Trace team, so please pick up any trash, club fliers and feathery bits as you enjoy the day and night.
  • Share Your Favorite Playa Photos/Videos! We need the content upfront this year, so please email flambe(at)burningman(dot)com and we'll do our best to get it up on the Decom stage screens! Wait till you see what we have already! Wow!
  • HELP US... Express Responsibly! Protect the event and our beautiful park. We need YOUR help to honor our permit terms and promises: 

    - No stakes, unleashed dogs, fire, amplified sound, vehicles or bikes in the park;

    - Use entrances and do not cut through bushes, where there are sprinkler heads; 

    - No unapproved amplified sound systems or fire art. (Oh, yeah, we said that already. Just checking you’re paying attention.)

    - No drumming, loud or amplified sound after 10PM ANYWHERE. The only exception will be the Mariposa Stage performance until 11PM. If anyone is drumming or making amplified noise on the street after 10pm, shoot first and ask questions later. (um…don’t actually shoot them. Just get them to stop.)

    - After sound ends, talk quietly and enjoy the art, theme camps, and community

    - If you are a registered art car or theme camp, please take extra care to not drive over ANY electric cables or distro boxes during setup/breakdown. Take special care during exodus when you are likely to be tired. Have someone safely guide you out of your spot and get home safe.

  • Leave Quietly and Travel in Groups to help one another back to your cars and next destinations. If you are alone, ask a Ranger for help and wait at one of the exits to join a group going your way. Remember this is an urban environment and there is safety in numbers. And PLEASE do not drive if you have had anything to drink. Have a designated driver or take a taxi. Smart, right!?
  • And of course… Leave No Trace! Properly sort trash, recycling and composting throughout the day. Please pick up trash and deposit it in appropriate pails. Breakdown is 10PM-midnight for the park and 12-2AM everywhere else. By 2AM, EVERYTHING MUST BE GONE and small debris must be swept into the street for the street sweeper we hired to work its street sweeper magic. If you are exhibiting at Decom, please bring an extra broom to sweep the sidewalks clean and pick up large debris in the street. Also, please remove unwanted fliers from cars and wherever you see them. I mean, really people, can’t we just hand them to people that actually want them instead of forcing them on unsuspecting cars and neighbors!
  • Please Come Back Monday Morning!: Leaving the neighborhood cleaner than we found it is a gift we are serious about giving. If you are an early riser, return bright and early and, starting on Minnesota Street and moving to surrounding blocks) pick up any trash, feathers, cigarette butts and leftovers you see. If you need to sleep later, come from 11am-4pm for our main annual neighborhood and park clean-up! A group of us will start on Minnesota and 19th, move to the park, to Indiana, then surrounding streets. Many hands make light work and every year we leave the neighborhood CLEANER than we found it. Bring gloves, brooms, shovels and plastic bags if you got ‘em. We’ll bring extra supplies, free donuts and coffee! And we’ll love you even more! Seriously, we need YOU to volunteer even for a little while so we can clean the place faster than a plague of LNT locusts! Hey, thanks! This really means a lot to those of us that have to stay up all night packing out in our high heels, platform boots, and happy but bloody stumps.

If you can help with a park planting (probably in January), e-mail and we’ll send you a secret garden party announcement when the date is set.

We are on your way to making this our best Decompression ever and a showcase for our art and community. Help us bring the spirit of Black ROCK City to heat the streets of Black TOP City right here in San Francisco!

THANK YOU for your part in creating Black TOP City and for making this a year-round community! Special thanks to ALL the artists, performers, theme camps, volunteers, year-round Burning Man Special Events team, and Burning Man staff who made this year’s Burning Man and today so darned meaningful and extraordinary! Our sincere thanks also to our lovely neighbors in the Dogpatch, SFFD, Bayview Police Dept, ISCOTT, Entertainment Commission and other public agencies involved with the day. Thank you and HOORAY!!!