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Decompression 2008

The SF Decompression

Sunday, October 12, 2008
Noon SHARP till 12 am
Public Entrance: 19th & Minnesota

On Indiana Street between Mariposa and 22nd, SF
$10 donation in Black Rock Couture/Costume; $20 in streetwear
All ages outdoors; kids under 12 absolutely free!
Age 21+ inside Cocomo (club closes 1:30am)
Outdoor sound ends at Mariposa Stage at 11pm; 10pm other outside areas
Food available, and sales help support the Black Rock Arts Foundation’s public art and grants programs. Playa Beignets and coffee also available!

DECOMandments (Must Read)


Come at noon SHARP for a full twelve hours of art, performance, fire, dance, theme camps, circus arts, marching bands, DJs, Burning Man 2008 imagery, and more, more, MORE!!!

We are FULL on sound camps, fire art, performers, and art cars! But we always have room for freestanding sculpture and art that can hang on fences. The entire street is mapped, the stages are packed, and it’s looking EPIC! Email flambe (at) burningman (dot) com  NOW to bring art, imagery, a short act, or to volunteer.

This year, we’re bringing our collective American Dream to the streets of SF and greening our operations with biodiesel and composting, in addition to recycling. Help us Leave No Trace!

All six blocks, the park, and the stages will be PACKED with all the creative expression that is US! So, bring your dusty American Dream to share too!!!

Here's what to DO:

The DECOMandments

Follow the DECOMandments below to radically enjoy and protect our event!

  • Arrive Early! Come at NOON, pack a picnic and enjoy a full day of amazing art, people and programming! Don't come late or you WILL miss amazing experiences and spectacles scheduled only EARLY in the day. Enter at 19th & Minnesota; the other entries are for registered artists/performers.
  • Green Your Commute! Don’t waste gas seeking a parking spot; parade to the event with thousands of others on public transportation or bike! There will be bike racks at 19th & Minnesota. Or carpool and park at the UCSF lot at 16th & 3rd (3 blocks away with special discounted parking rate), at the ballpark, or on Illinois Street. Please do not park or drive on Minnesota Street or Indiana Street. There will be a taxi stand at 18th and Minnesota for your convenience.
  • Express yourself! Wear your finest playa pageantry or trashion, using imaginatively recycled and reusable materials! Even better, illuminate them with solar lighting for night! And bring warm layers.
  • pARTicipate! The world is a stage, and we are all performers, not spectators - so BE the art. We always have room for installation art (especially on the fences), but we tend to get FULL early on everything else that needs placement or scheduling! To register art, please email flambe(at)burningman(dot)com TODAY so we can accommodate and celebrate YOUR special contribution to this amazing community. All sound systems, fire art, theme camps and vehicles must be registered - renegade sound or unapproved fire would jeopardize this event. The experience we all share ignites through mass participation, so find your own gift of creative expression to bring!
  • Volunteer! We need more volunteers! To be part of the process and team that makes Decompression so special, email firekitty (at) burningman (dot) com . For a list of some volunteer positions available, see here.
  • Share Your Favorite Playa Photos/Videos! We need the content upfront this year, so please email flambe(at)burningman(dot)com and we'll do our best to get it up on the big Decom screen!
  • HELP US... Express Responsibly! Protect the event and our beautiful new park. We need YOUR help in these ways so we can keep having Decom on public streets: 

    - Respect the Dogpatch neighborhood, our home for 9 years - enter and leave surrounding blocks quietly;
    - Don't park in driveways or on Minnesota Street;
    - Refrain from drumming and loud noise after 10 PM;
    - No stakes, unleashed dogs, or vehicles or bikes of any kind in the park;
    - No drumming, loud or amplified sound after 10PM ANYWHERE. The only exception will be the Mariposa Stage performance until 11PM. If anyone is drumming or making amplified noise on the street after 10pm, please stop it!
    - Do stay 10PM-midnight, quietly talk and enjoy the art, theme camps, and community;
    - No unapproved sound systems or fire art of any kind. Even chaos has a master plan!

  • And of course… Leave No Trace! Pick up trash you see and recycle! Breakdown is 10PM-midnight for the park and 12-2AM everywhere else. By 2AM, EVERYTHING must be gone and small debris swept into the street for the street sweepers. If you are a registered art car or theme camp, please take extra care to not drive over ANY electric cables or distro boxes during setup/breakdown. Take special care during exodus. Help recycle, bring an extra broom to sweep the sidewalk clean, and pick up any large debris in the street.
  • Come back Monday: Please come back Monday, October 13th 11am-4pm for our annual neighborhood and park clean-up! We want to leave things in even BETTER shape than we found them. So, we’ll start on Minnesota and 19th, move to the park, Indiana, then surrounding streets. Many hands make light work and every year we leave the neighborhood cleaner than we found it. Bring gloves, brooms, shovels and plastic bags if you got 'em. We’ll bring donuts and love you even more! HOORAY!!!

We are on our way to making this our best Decompression ever and a showcase for our art and community in San Francisco. So, help us bring our magical green Black ROCK City dream home to heat the streets of Black TOP City!!


12:00    MixMaster AntFruit & Enemies
12:45    The Solvents - indy folk rock
1:30    DJ B - progressive house, electro & breaks
2:15    F-Space
3:00    Fortdax Alex - deep house, acid beats & techno
3:45    Kaura - moody, dark, aggressive melodic rock
4:30    Majitope - dub, tech, bass, funk, minimal & house
5:15    TripKnight - live hip hop & instrumental
6:00    DJ SuneviL - evil disko
6:45    Miss Rosie - LED hoops (lower stage)
6:50    Fou Fou HA! - burlesque buffoonery (lower stage)
7:00    The Mermen - psychedelic surf rock
7:45    Nick Griffin - fire stage
7:50    Vulcan Crew - fire stage
8:10    Fire Arts Collective - fire stage
8:25    Pyronauts - fire stage
8:50    Dreamtime Circus - fire stage
9:10    Solar Flare - fire stage
9:45    Ubuv - Indian fused music with breakbeat and dubstep
10:30    Marisa Lenhardt, accompanied by Heather Jordan-Wellman, Shannon Haire & Mollie Gilbert
11:00 Burning Man Imagery – No Sound

5:00    2008 Burning Man Photos & Videos
8:00    CaroLuna
8:15    Butthole Puppet Players present "The American Ream"
8:30    Madam Hissy & The Playa Hookers
8:45    Evolution Control Committee
9:30    MoPo - funkconnection
10:15    Laron - funkie electro house
11:00    !ONIBLA - featuring members of ALBINO!
12:00    Tamo (Angels of bAss, Garage Mahal, Sol System)
12:45    3L3tronic - live vox, breaks, electro high energy

12:00    Open Mic - everyone's in!
1:30    Maria Mango - sweet upbeat folk with a ukelele & a smile
2:15    Tasty - rock, reggae, swing
3:30    Martian Pumpkin - standup comedy
4:00    Orange Peel Moses
4:30    Jondabomb - house, funk, hip hop & soul
5:15    Firefingers - flamenco guitar
6:00    Samantha - belly dance
6:15    JC the DJ - beats n' breaks
7:00    AmesEla - groove salad
7:30    Shapeshifter - breaks, drum n' bass & dubstep
8:15    GOOFERMAN - Kings of Klown-Fi
9:00    DJ ICON - breakbeat booty
12:00    Black Rock City Big Top SideShows
12:30    Live Re-enactment of the 1906 Quake
12:45    Gomer Hendrix Band - music with humor
1:30    Sounds of the Circus
2:15    Drinking with Bukowski - charting the wasteland between addiction & sanity
3:00    Sights of the Circus
3:30    Wanderlust Circus - traditional varite'arts with modern flare
4:00    Justin Credible - funky dance mash up
4:45    Hobo Gobbelins - green-skinned hobo avante-punk
5:30    Laird (Get YER Freak On!)
6:15    Bootie BRC - soundtrack for the  ADD generation
7:00    Smells of the Circus
7:30    Many Elements - primal blend of hip hop, jungle, trance beatbox
7:45    Miss Rosie - LED Hoops
7:55    Isaac & Tyler - Circus Sideshows
8:15    Neon Bunny - bunny music for the Big Top
9:00    Baby Seal Club - arctic-erotic indie rock with a funky unwashed underbelly
10:00   Burning Man Imagery – Sound ends

2:00    Outlaw Dervish - funky trippy sensual sounds
3:00    Vordo - bouncing beats
3:45    Making Love to Life - psychedelic folk rock
4:30    Victor Vega (Fringe)
5:15    Dreams & Delustions Fashion Show – hosted by Aeion
6:00    People's Fashion Show, starring YOU! – hosted by Hal Robins & stacicats
6:30    Leon Cook
7:30    Blane Lyon + The Shamanic Cheerleaders - hi energy funky soul dub
8:15    Big Dolla Bill (Fringe)
9:00    Sonic Valium - downtempo electronic goodies
10:00  Sound ends. Please talk quietly!

2:30    Amy Obenski - singer/songwriter
3:00    Storytelling by Gigi Bisson
3:30    Gravybrain - acid jazz
4:45    Fontain's M.U.S.E. - world fusion
6:00    Thrillpeddlers present "Blue Hour" theater
6:30    Chance's End - downtempo violin-electronica
7:30    TV Free Burning Man 2008 Video Pods
10:00    TV Free Burning Man - no sound

Samba Stilt Parade
CARTemis - Roving Bag Lady Elixirist
Kismat-Mahal Kirtan Ensemble
VonStilt Family Circus
And YOU!!!


Installation Art:

3D Images – Harold Baize; Actual Contact - Rob Saunders; American Dream Home Version 2.0 Alpha – Playatech; American Express - Tim Huckins; Bridge of Fire – Moonfire; Chainge - Steve Wilson; Dream Quilt - Sandy McBride; Emerald Portals - Harlan Gruber; Gort - Stefan Werner; Legends of America - James Cole; Meditation - Abram Santa Cruz; Murals - Bernie Roth; Randy's Dream - David Shelhart; Rings of Freesusland - JJ Holoubek; Self-Evidence - Robert Bengtson; Sol - Alex Nolan & Justin Grant; Solo Concerto Illuminato - Oscil Lator; Sound Healing Yurts - Maricela Alvarez; Spin 'Em - Kitty Gordon; Swarm 2.0 - Erik Swedberg, Mike Prados and Jon Foote; Tantalus - Peter Hudson; Tasseograph – Tucker Teutsch and Shrine; The Bat of the American Dream - Stuart Sands; The Keeper - Elizabeth Mallory; Tribe of Artist Photo Booth - Geoffrey Nelson; and MORE!!!

Fire Art:

Celtic Forest - Laura Kimtpon; Colored Flame Demos - Jack Shroll; Flaming Tuba - David Silverman; High Striker - Kristian Akseth; Hydrogen Economy - False Profit; Mutopia #5 - Flaming Lotus Girls; Nautileo - Don Delacruze; Rubin’s Tube - John Devenezia

Live Performers & DJs:

!ONIBLA; 3L3tronic; AmesEla; Amy Obenski; Baby Seal Club; Big Dolla Bill; Black Top City Circus Sideshows; Blane Lyon & The Shamanic; Cheerleaders; Bootie BRC; Butthole Puppet Players; CaroLuna; Chance's End; DJ B; DJ ICON; DJ SuneviL; Dreams & Delustions Fashion Show; Dreamtime Circus; Drinking with Bukowski; Evolution Control Committee; Fire Arts Collective; Firefingers; Fontain's M.U.S.E.; Fortdax Alex; Fou Fou HA!; F-Space; Gigi Bisson; Gomer Hendrix Band; Gooferman; Gravybrain; Hobo Gobbelins; Isaac & Tyler; JC the DJ; Jondabomb; Justin Credible; Kaura; Laird; Laron; Leon Cook; Madam Hissy & The Playa Hookers; Majitope; Making Love to Life; Many Elements; Maria Mango; Marisa Lenhardt with Heather Jordan-Wellman, Shannon Haire & Mollie Gilbert; Martian Pumpkin; Miss Rosie; MoPo; Neon Bunny; Nick Griffin; Orange Peel Moses; Outlaw Dervish; People's Fashion Show; Pyronauts; Samantha; Shapeshifter; Solar Flare; Sonic Valium; Tamo; Tasty; The Mermen; The Solvents; Thrillpeddlers; TripKnight; TV Free Burning Man; Ubuv; Victor Vega; Vordo; Vulcan Crew; Wanderlust Circus; plus: The People's Fashion Show - hosted by Hal Robins & Stacicats and starring YOU!!! And MORE!!!

VJs and Live Visual Artistry: 

Al Lundell; Carol Luna; Celestine Star; David Collins; Hal Phoenix; JacobEye; Jason Stephens; Kosho; Manuel Padilla; Ron Halbert; Sun MacAnamee; and MORE!!!

Mutant Vehicles: 

Caustic Serpent; Disco Limo; FishAmok; Hurican; Interceptor (F15); LB&O Trolley; Martha; Morbido; Nautilus X; Neuroweapon; Photoboof; Psychic Taxi; Rickshaw; Snail Car: The Golden Mean; Solar Death Ray and Caution Car; The Lady Sophia; TiltAHurl; Tubahurl

Theme Camps & Burning Man Affiliates:

Above the Limit; Awakened Mind Tantra; Balsa Man; Bassyx Bass Camp; Black Rock Rangers; Black Rock Roller Disco; Black Rock Solar; Bob's Rainforest; Bouncy Bouncy Club; Black Rock Arts Foundation; BRC Post Office; Bunny Nation; Bureau of Erotic Discourse; Burners Without Borders; BM Earth; BM Gate and Perimeter; Camp Montage; Camp Questionmark; Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet; Department of Public Works; Dr. Le Tawdry's Freak Show; Dust City Diner; DUSTFISH; Epiphany; Flame Gallery; Friends of Black Rock; Greeters; Heebeegeebee Healers; Hookahdome; House of Lotus; Hundredth Monkey Camp; Kidsville; Mice'pace Maze; Mindshaft Society; NIMBY; Opulent Temple; Peepshow Minigolf; Pink Mammoth; Playa Info; Playa Restoration - See Your LNT Report!; Red Nose District; Space Cowboys; Tea Temple; The Deep End; The Lost Penguins; TV Free Burning Man; Underworld; Wheel of Misfortune; WOW; and more, more, MORE!!!