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Back-Yard Burns

“The heat of the fire still burns in your heart long after the embers have died.”

Over the past two years, the last Saturday of the month has become important for Burners around the world, as they gather for fire and non-fire-related events, to celebrate self-expression simultaneously with the whole community. For those who have never attended a beach burn or other gathering on that day, now might be just the time for you to consider the ways you could celebrate with your community.

We are no longer officially "hosting" the Burns on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, at Stairwell 28, on the last Saturday of each month. We encourage you to organize with members of your immediate community and develop your own creative solutions to this problem. This is how we ended up in the desert in the first place

Fire Conclave

We are looking for fire performers, musicians, torch bearers, fire tenders and anyone who would like to help with fire activities at Burning Man. Please check out the Fire Conclave. No matter where you may live in the world you can still be part of the Fire Activities. Please contact fireconclave(at)burningman(dot)com, Naked Fire Goddess.