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Moorlock's List: 2001 Archive

Camps, Art Installations, and other groups from Burning Man 2001

Burning Man 3-D 2001 Stereoscope Page

Honi Soit Croquet Club Loser Claims Poverty - Awwwwwww...

Afterburn: The Burning Man 2001 Annual Report

Mindroots: Burning Man 2001 Videos


Wagon Train / Alternative Energy Zone (annoying Geoshittys popup)

The Leonardo Gallery: Burning Man

BurningFeet - a photo gallery

BurnBabyBurn - a film by Paynie

Photos and commentary from Don Davis

Some set-up photos

An Ode to a Cafe by Camera Girl

2001 7 Stages of Man

Dave Cain's photos

Burning Man 2001: Satan's Birthday Party

Ken Woo's Photos

SpaceLounge & Space Cowboys - photos

Home Shaman - Burning Man 2001

FreshSquid - Burningman 2001

Flambé Lounge's Decompression '01 - pix by Austin N. Granger

Decompression 2001 - photos

Heat the Street 2001 - photos

Dancefucksleep - photos

Kite Aerial Photography at Burning Man 2001

Rick Egan's Photos

Photos from Burning Man 2001

Tom Bullock's pictures

BRC Flight Recovery Center

Images by Rob Corwin and Matt Veltcamp

Three easy steps on how to kill yourself at Burning Man

The Lamplighter Lounge

dust to dust returneth - Mr. Science goes to Burning Man '01

Draka Decompression Photos

Simon, Ruby, Harvey and Kay's adventure

Pleasure's Burningman 2001 Pictures

Franklin J. Flocks' photos

2001 - Eggchair Orange

PlayaChicken: Burning Man Y2K+1

Jher's photos

Dr. Megavolt 2001

Kevin DuBay's photos

The Wedding Cake

Steve's Fotografik Rephlux Annex - photos & an account

Leila's Album and more

Mmmelt Massage Pics

Patrick Roddie: photography

Burningman 2001 - pictures

Chillin' Woman

Guerrilla News Network dispatch: Burning Man 2001

Angel Adam's 2001 photos

Tony Bisson's photographs

Wizzard: Windy City - a field of pinwheels

Life's Balance Theme Camp - pendulumulicar totems

The Church of Mezz

Technomania Circus

%P!<%K%s%0%^%s - ya got me; it's all in Japanese

Porta Pottie Rant

Camp Hallucigenia Sparsa - a pre-Cambrian and post-apocalyptic evolutionary cul-de-sac...

The Drum God's Drum & Dance Camp

Roller Disco - just like what it sounds like; bring a pair of skates in case they run out

The Wheel of Fire - an immediately-pre-burn, mass-participation event

Love Rangers Headquarters - attending to your massage, hair detangling, attention deficit, healing, attention emergency, love, and sexual gratification needs

The Blacklight Aquarium - come swim with us, and visit the buttanical garden

The Temple of Atonement - Sin... Repent... Repeat... (And have some BDSM fun in-between)

Exodus 2001: The Final Participation - organizing the exit

PlayaNET 2001 - a high-speed public access internal IP network for Burning Man

Internet at Burning Man 2001 - wireless Internet access to a high-speed satellite link

The Playa Necklace - all the cool kids have one

The Maze - bigger and badder than last year, it will twist and turn your mind as you reflect on the decisions you have made over a lifetime

DPW Infrastructure Construction Crew - good review of playa architecture

The Kursk - strange place for a capsized nuclear sub, don't you think?

Euphor!um - a theatrical/participatory journey through Coleridge's Kubla Khan

Burning Man Directory - register your walkie-talkie frequencies and planned locations so friends can find you

Black Rock City Dept. of Public Transportation and the Draka the Dragon crew guidelines - public transit in Black Rock City!

The Trailer Bitch Project - you too can art car it around the playa - build your dream trailer; they'll tug it!

Group kitchen advice

Greeters! - making sure that only the dangerous infidels may enter

La Rificolona - a massive lantern made of bamboo and canvas pivoting on steel pipes

Burning Man for the Porta-Potty Shy and A Woman's Guide on How to Pee Standing

No Stress Express - shuttles from the Reno airport to Black Rock City

Camp Dickface - this may greatly amuse you

Deep Stupid - What do you get when you mix one chemist, three engineers, ample Burning Man spirit and a healthy dose of LSD?

Blyss Abyss - a place in which reality is suspended and fantasy and sensual delights are all-encompassing, a place where flash animation blocks your entrance to the underworld

Camp Videogasm 2001 - independent and experimental video on our large projection screens every evening starting at sundown.

Green Tortoise - Two scheduled round-trip busses between S.F. and B.R.C.

Disposable Media Technologies: Burning Man 2001 Artist Fund - grant money!

Some Place Village - featuring Chupacabra Policia, Temple of the NecronomiClown, Red Shoe Krewe, Babble Dome, and Human Interest Research Institute

Map of proposed event site - a hop, skip and jump northeast from last year...

The Temple of Virtual Wisdom - easier to get into than The Temple of Wisdom

Mind Control Laboratories - meagerly funded, conceptually dubious, wholly indefinite project involving obscure mind control techniques that utilize weird sounds, pirate ships, oversized lotus flowers, spinning Shivas, and giant green tarps

Gates of Samsara - featuring camps Inferno, Crack-out in the womb, TeePee, Backstage Space/Time Vazaar and Mind Control Laboratories

Camp Psilo a.k.a. Crack-out in the womb; chill-space at Samsara

Eco Showers Community

Birch Circle Events - "Burning Man is a primitive, naked bacchanal" if you were wondering

Club Draka - pics from the Draka the Dragon fundraiser & Flambé Lounge

BRC Black Light Body Paint Shop - play and decorate you or your friend with our collection of fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark paints

PedEx - when it absolutely positively never has to get there

Black Rock City Post Office - providing basic lines of communication between all citizens of Black Rock City

Tribes of the Opera Diaspora Camp - No opera this year, but that doesn't mean no opera camp

Camp PeePot - customize your peepot

Illuminaughty 2001

nuclear family - a theme camp that puts the spirit of family under the glow of black light


Gigsville 2001 Theme Camps - including Deform Pharm, GHI, the Info Booth and Breast Appreciation Center, KGIG, Knife & Fork Club, Project: X, The Burning Scouts of America, The Lahnontan Korps, Waxing Gibbous Camp and The Temple of Boognish

Foreplay Lounge - collect 'em all

Good Vibes... or Bad? - the National Vibrator Association vs. Vibrator Control, Inc.

The Village Blacksmith - If it's broken and you need it fixed, bring it by and we'll see what we can do.

synæsthesia presents: the womb

SpaceLounge - Imagine a world of endless TANG and robot weavers that churn out limitless bolts of Sabre-tooth cat fur to tinny lounge muzac piped through cheeep speakers.

Pow Maui Wow Me - A totem pole, sweat lodge/arena, Nebularium, shade structure and Golden Shower

Risa - an infamously lush resort planet orbiting a multiple star system, renowned for its breezes and easy-going, uninhibited sexuality

church of P.L.U.R. - a techno/spirituality/informational theme camp, where we will have seminars on religion, first aid, CPR, and other similar subjects during the days and having DJs play techno music to create a "mini-rave" environment at night

Rainforest Refugee Camp - a relief station where over heated Participants from lands graced with lower temperatures and higher humidity can seek Refuge

Magicglasses Camp - magicglasses reveal that things on the playa are exactly as interesting as you think they are

3D Camera Obscura - Fiat Lex from the Tomales Bay Explorers Club

Tarwater - bowl in our spacious one lane bowling alley

The Tall Tales Tea Tent - in exchange for our delectable beverages, we require our guests to celebrate with us the seventh age of man: Rememberance

Flight to Mars - a massive space/time transition system which transports beings into a gyration arena on the surface of Mars

Camp Lorax - enacting Seuss, dressing up in Barbaloot suits

Yes Camp

Totem Village - temple of the eternal mysteries

Valhalla - a place to feast, to drink, to dance, and to carouse.

Playa Video Theater - Black Rock City's exhibitor of digital content

Green Faire Bar Camp

Entropolis 2001

The Solo Collective - the camp for those without a camp

Live Journal Camp

PolyBurn 2001 - a group of polyamorists seeking to live our dreams

Poly Domes - a mecca and training ground for folks with MPD (Multiple Partners Disorder) (annoying geoshittys popup)

Larry Harvey speaks at Grace Cathedral - "Radical Ritual"

SynOrgy 2001 - a Utah regional

BRC Hardware - we have tools, materials, and people to help you when you are in need

Black Rock Boutique - why waste a perfect opportunity to wear something fabulous

Black Rock City Cab Co. - no loud generators, just solar & wind power

Alternative Energy Zone

Black Rock Civil Defense

The Black Rock Expedition of 2001

The Burning Scouts of America - motto: be impaired



Snowflake Village

The Conglomerate

The Bone Tree


Black Rock City Wedding Chapel (annoying popup)

Fey Abbey

Cult of Distraction

project x

Camp What?

Temple of Ishtar


Hee Bee Gee Bee Healers

LatexLuv From the Aliens Abuve

Spinnin' Anemone Carousel from the Manatee Love Society

The Safari Social Club

Consolidated BM Tours - this year, do it in style

Burning Corn 2001 - an Ohio regional!

Ancient Kaos Funerary

Azteca (from dragondebris)

LiveJournal Camp

Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet (and photo gallery)

Full Contact Croquet League & Nude Bar-B-Que Society

The Xara Project

Danger Drives Burning Man - The Silver Seed Tour of America

The San Francisco Treat - a report from the volunteer meeting

Burning Man 2001 FM Radio Frequency Assignments

Bio-Genetic Inhibition Research Laboratory

KidsVille - family-friendly theme camp - home of the "Burning Flipside: Home on the Strange" regional

Illumination Village

Obelisk Village

Freezing Man ice cream truck - for sale!

2001 BRT Tower

John's Burning Man 2001 Trek

Burning Man VW Bus Camp (annoying Geoshittys popup)

The Black Rock Rangers

Lake Lahontan Yacht Club

100 Things to Do Before You Die: Burning Man

Media Coverage 2001

Letter From America (Newsweek 2001)

Feeling Burned: Burning Man organizers grow hot under the collar over rising federal fees to use Black Rock Desert for festival San Francisco Chronicle 16 December 2001)

It's Burning Man (Squall 15 November 2001)

Cleanup Effort Takes Some Heat Off Burning Man Festival (Salt Lake Tribune 29 October 2001)

Critics Praise Burning Man Cleanup (Associated Press 26 October 2001)

Burning Man Festival 2001 review for urban75 rave (3 October 2001)

Ruigoord TV - coverage (in Dutch) of Burning Man 2001

Black Rock Desert Desserts by Rob Brezsny

Burning Ban: In Black Rock City, almost anything goes - unless an artist crafts something huge and homoerotic (Reno News and Review 13 September 2001)

Burning Man's Dotcom Hangover: Notes From a Festival at the Crossroads (Village Voice 12 September 2001)

After Burning Man - Clean-Up, Plus Rape and "Bombing" Investigations (Plastic 10 September 2001)

Truth elusive, illusive at Burning Man (Denver Post 9 September 2001)

Burning Man cleanup under way; rape, bombing suspects still sought (Reno Gazette-Journal 6 September 2001)

Your Brain On Burning Man (SF Gate 6 September 2001)

Burning Man's Crazy, Creepy Art (Wired News 5 September 2001)

Art, Fire Reunite on La Playa (Wired News 4 September 2001)

Burning Man goes up in smoke (Reno Gazette-Journal 3 September 2001)

Burning Man Burns Brightly (Wired News 3 September 2001)

Fire signals end of Burning Man (Las Vegas Review-Journal 3 September 2001)

Burning Man Protesters, Rangers Clash on the Playa (Chillin' Woman 1 September 2001)

Burning Man Photo Gallery (SF Gate 1 September 2001)

Photography: by Philippe Glade (San Francisco Chronicle 1 September 2001)

Drawn to the flame (San Francisco Chronicle 1 September 2001)

Burning Man Cool to Dmitry (Wired News 31 August 2001)

Burning Man festival exploits the blank canvas of the Black Rock Desert (Reno Gazette-Journal 31 August 2001)

Environmental concerns shadow Burning Man (Reno Gazette-Journal 31 August 2001)

Get Ready for Exploding Man (Wired News 31 August 2001)

Festival Expected to Draw Thousands (AP 31 August 2001)

Burning Questions: Burning Man, the bohemian desert festival, is a free-thinker's utopia, but at what cost to the environment? (Mother Jones 31 August 2001)

Fuck Burning Man (San Francisco Bay Guardian 29 August 2001)

Dot-com fallout hits Burning Man - Decline in attendance tied to economic downturn (SF Gate 28 August 2001)

Burning Man revelers stop in town for supplies (Reno Gazette-Journal 28 August 2001)

Burning the Juice at Burning Man (Wired News 28 August 2001)

What a Long, Slow Burn It'll Be (Wired News 25 August 2001)

Burning Man, Ho: Seems everyone has an opinion on the glorious desert bacchanalia (SF Gate 24 August 2001)

Burning Man says it's taking care of business (San Francisco Chronicle 19 August 2001)

Local costumer becomes Burning Man cover woman (San Francisco Chronicle 12 August 2001)

Save Yourself for a Better Man (San Francisco Weekly Summer 2001)

Burning Man festival set to repeat at last year's site (San Jose Mercury News 16 July 2001)

Burning Man participants warned about drug laws (AP 15 July 2001)

Good Day at Black Rock (VIA Online July 2001)

High Times at Burning Man (Nevada Appeal 30 June 2001) - critical of the drugs and nudity at Burning Man

Burning Man festival seeks permit; concerns on desert horizon (SFGate 11 April 2001)

Tainted water might cost Gerlach $500,000 (The Reno Gazette-Journal 23 December 2000)

BLM Says 'Burning Man' Fest Is Cool (The Salt Lake Tribune 28 November 2000)

Burning Man likely to return to same site after cleanup efforts ( 27 November 2000)