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Moorlock's List: 2000 Archive

Camps, Art Installations, and other groups from Burning Man 2000

Ken Woo's photos

Burning Man 2K - the sky is like fire

Chillin' Woman gallery

brian:AM Photography

In the Eye of the Beholder

Greater Entropolitan Area

SynOrgy 2000 - a Utah regional!

The Evolution Control Committee

Burning Man 2000 as seen by the citizens of Bestial Hump Camp

Vibrata: Burning Man 2000

Wagon Train

Dave Glass's page - photos & commentary (lots of human-powered vehicles)

Brad Templeton's Photography

WinkieWorld - Images from the Illumination Village

eyestilts - the telestereoscope

Da Dragon Crusade - Draka the Dragon

Images from Black Rock City - photos by Steve Saroff

Illumination Village

Brandon's Burning Man Sampler - photos

Willkommen in BRC - images, German text

Lenny Jones Productions - photo collagi

mindroots - photos

Magic Fingers Motelopolis 2000 - photos

Desert Rats Rollin' - photo essay

It's Not Easy Being Green - an off-roader gets angry at Burning Man

flurney's bm 2000 - a photomosaic

Fire on the Playa - commentary by Norman Pear

VW Bus Camp 2000 (annoying Geoshittys popup)

Wagon Train

michael's 8 rolls of film - providing a list of pages, links, photos & resources

Over-the-Top sound and image site

Dr. Megavolt is here

eumorphia: Burningman 2000

catweasl: Burning Man 2000


Flying Saucer Net

Salvatore Vasapolli's photos

Burning Man 3-D 2000

A E Mancheno Photography

Photos of the Decompression Party

Photos of BM2000 & the Decompression Party

igo yugo too huam from duh fyutcha burning man 2000


Sister Dana Does Burning Man 2000

Photos by Rob van Glabbeek

Photo Gallery: Art Installations

Valeria's Burning Man 2000

Camp Meeyaho

4:30 & Heart

Bev's Burning Man 2000

Weirdest Burn Ever

The Year That Sucked

Wheel of Rumors

magic glasses 2k and magicglasses camp

Michael's Album

8:30 and Sex

Photos by Gregory Kugel


Chupacabra Policia

Photos by Tom Hirashima


CmdrMark does Burning Man

Photos by John Cornicello

Fear Heiple's Burning Man Photos

Steve's Burning Man 2000 Picture Pages

Burning Man 2000


Commentary by George Carver w/photos


Art in its purest form

origin360 - A Photo Travel Journal

Pictures from Burning Man 2000


Photos from Tom Bullock

BeezleBug Bit

The Playa Assassins Network

Swing Kid Productions

Small Town Freak: Burning Man journal

Burning Man 2000 Art Installation

Camp Lame Ass

The redefinition of my personal concept of weird

David Le's Burning Man site

Photos by Julia Ann Ellingson

Photos from Rick Egan

Element Zero Portal

A mr e Production: Burning Sensations

Eggchair Camp 2000

Marko Gargenta's photos

By Markus's photos

Mr. Science Goes to Burning Man

Photos and commentary by Don Davis

Bruce Damer's pages

(Un)Controlled Burn

Keith Phillips's photos

7:15 Gut

The Tiny Dancers

The Civilized Explorer - balloon aerial photography



Playa Chicken

There's a Certain Sentimentality in Playa Dust

Pleasure's Pictures (includes some 1998-1999 too)

FM 21-76 - a Burning Man field manual by Christopher Wray-McCann

Camp Lucky Mole


Photos by Jon R. Luini

Rural Connections: Burning Man

PopCast live Webcast

Jack & Luke's photos

Loothi's photos

Goths in the Desert

Acorn's Triumphant Return

Wizzard: Burningman 2000

Wendy's BurnMan 2000

Grover's photos

DZM's photos

Big Brother's photos

Jon's photos (user: freak, password: fest)

The Solo Collective

Burning Man Slide Show

Photos by Franklin J. Flocks

Assateague Beach Burn - another regional event! (check the archive)

Sean Brennan's videos - in avi & quicktime

Photos by Adam Wozniak

Photos by Ted LeCouteur

Photos by Patrick Roddie

Photos by Kohl Bradley

Kat & Elwing at Burning Man 2000

Ersa's Tarot Camp

BLM Winnemucca Field Office Recreation: Burning Man - from The Man to the Burning Man

Mindstation X

Howard (featuring 3na the Jellyfish, Camp Sunscreen, Super Monkey Music, Drum Cart and The Home Dome)

Anno Domino 2000

Jacques Ellul Lending Library

Burning Man Florida - another regional burn!

Byelo-Trahistan Kite Emporium - Rosin Coven returns to the playa

The Black Rock City Cab Co.

Satori: The Cell

House of Indulgence

Anonymous Camp - twelve dusty steps

The Church of Saint John the Baptist of the Alien Artichoke

Brain Wash

Spiral Oasis

Kabal of the Eye

Camp Icarus

Camp Theremin Karaoke

Foreplay Lounge

The Oregon Country Fair Embassy

Sperminex "The Good Hands People"

M*A*S*Hcara - Ladies' Militia Forced Aid Camp

Camp Zonation

Camp Videogasm 2000

Tiki Fest


Plug 4 & the Giant Ghetto Blaster

Fey Abbey

Camp de Nile - Groovy Egyptian theme

Mad Scientists Camp


Digital Light Camp

Pink Chakra

Camp Dionysus

The Black Rock Expedition of 2000


Camp Aargh!

Camp Landshark


blue - everything will be blue

Spin - participatory spinning light exhibit

eVille General Hospital

Mingle13 - MingleCamp: what where now

Cookie Camp - what would you do for a cookie?


Black Rock City Wedding Chapel and Midget Dance Floor

Bluegrass Rave

dragon debris

The 'Universal Spirit' Transformational Dance Camp

Cult Picnic: The StarLust Lounge

In Dust We Trust / Brainfreeze

Camp LA LA Land

Disturbia Village


Facility 0463

The Reincarnation Location

Druid Circle and Treehouse Tower

Glow Worm Camp

The House of St. Eve

vision 34 / ammonite


Chupacabra Policia

Burning Man Europe - a mailing list for Old Country participants

Black Rock City Morgue and Tantric Funeral Parlor

Steal these Theme Camp Ideas - now you have no excuse

Beastial Hump Camp - featuring Wyrm

Opera 2000 - Atlantis

Elvis Yoga

Headless Maiden Camp 2000

TheJyna Camp

The Temple of Virtual Wisdom


Space Vikings

Sleizure: Disorient Lounge

Flaming Asshole - introducing the giant anus (also, apparently, here)

X-Goth Does Burning Man

The Tesseract Camp

Pyrot Island

The Temple of WaterBoy

Rainforest Refugee Camp

The Lounge Lizard Cabaret presents Playawood

Snowflake Village

the Ossicle Project

Black Rock City Municipal Hardware Shoppe

g-7 Stock Market Puppets

Voodoo Master Central


Joseph and the Technowhale

Afterlife/Superhero Outfitters Camp - GRAVEsite

A-Maze-ing Vibrating Komfort Kamp

Crooked Snout's Creature Corral

Camp Sunscreen

Oacious - Illuminaughty

Drowning Woman - another regional event!

Camp Goatrodeo

Fusion Valley


Body Team Re:Markable - directory listing of photos

Fallopia Theme Camp

Hole Club

Dirty Liver Leisure Lounge (annoying crosswinds popup)

TorontoBurn - another regional burn!

The Drum Gods - Drum and Dance Camp

Yes Camp

Circus Pyrosis

Coalita: a fusion of fire & art

Burning Flipside: Pyropolis - regional burn in Austin, Texas, May 26-29, 2000 - Harley Bierman: "This is what Burning Man was like in '91"

Burning Westward - Utah and the Burning Man Adventure

Temple of Ishtar

Gigsville: Roulette of Punishment - do you dare spin?

BurningMan is dead! - says the wicked Dr. Cliff

Spooterland - your body is the least mediated media

The Burning Man (Raiders News Update) - "the underworld spirits elevated in the Burning Man festival are gathering the combined efforts of the kingdom of Satan into a conspiracy of apocalyptic proportions."

PlayaNET - Networking Burning Man - Black Rock City's weird area network

The Giant Flaming Gerbil Shooter

Seattle August 2000 Beach Burn

Burning Man Black Rock Weather

Technomania Circus

Wolfy goes to Burning Man 2000

Burning Sensations 2000 - photos and memories from Burning Man 2000

Camp Sunscreen

Fat Cat Casino

Fandango burning man: core

Insex - some sort of L.A. Burning Man prep event (April 15)

Temple of the Masks

Autopilot's Burning Man Project Page

The Church of Mez - MezLabs

The Temple of Atonement

Sexy Dinosaurs - the Tomales Bay Explorers Club

Burning Man Water Policy 2000

Burning Monks (annoying Geoshittys popup)

Black Rock City Census Bureau (annoying Geoshittys popup)

The Bathysphere (some annoying popup)

Club Seal Camp (annoying MSN popup)

Vorpal Lounge (annoying geoshittys popup)

Camp Lustmonkey (annoying web provider popup)

Steve's Fotografik Rephlux (annoying Geoshittys popup)

Maria Santos's photos (annoying Geoshittys popup)

Elfin Leaf's photos (annoying Tripod popup)

The Solo Collective (annoying geoshittys popup)

The Village Blacksmith (annoying tripod popup)

Media coverage 2000

The Burning Man (Worthy News) - "The Burning Man is a no-holds-barred New Age 'Woodstock' style festival, where neo-pagans, wiccans, transvestitie [sic] entertainers, and back-slidden Christians go to trance, perform rituals, burn sacrifices to pagan gods and goddesses, dance in the nude, engage in sex, and otherwise 'express' themselves and become one with Gaia."

An Eclectic Mix of Yuppies and Hippies (Gay Wired 2000)

Man can't sue U.S. over injury at Burning Man (San Francisco Examiner 3 November 2000)

Revel with a Cause (Business Week 9 October 2000)

Burning Man viewed as city with typical problems (Lovelock Review-Miner 5 October 2000)

Deuce (San Francisco Bay Guardian 4 October 2000)

Burned by the Man: A critical look at how America's premier art party copes with cops and the quest for utopia (San Francisco Bay Guardian 4 October 2000)

The Man Behind Burning Man (Time 18 September 2000)

BLM on Burning Man: Cleanup started; 20 overdoses, drug cases (Lovelock Review-Miner 14 September 2000)

Burnt (San Francisco Bay Guardian 13 September 2000)

The Least Likely Burning Man (New York Times 10 September 2000) - "Unfortunately, I don't own any clothing without logos. Who does?"

Jonesin' for johns (Salon 8 September 2000)

Burning Man ends: Eight arrests, multiple citations (Lovelock Review-Miner 7 September 2000)

Sand Blast (Nerve September 2000) - "I'd put some gold glitter on my face in an attempt to get into the spirit of things..."

Motion Center Features: Burning Man (Adobe September 2000) - "this generation's Woodstock" or "a neo-pagan festival?"

Madness on the Desert (Calgary Herald 6 September 2000)

Time for an orgy? (Salon 6 September 2000) - "I beseech you to make it clear that we understood the joke and the irony of it..."

Local Teen Definitely Going To Burning Man Next Year (the Onion 6 September 2000)

Burning Bush (Fox News 5 September 2000)

Neon Surrealism Required; Clothing Optional (New York Times 5 September 2000)

Counterculture thrives at Burning Man festival (Cox News Service 4 September 2000)

Weather cooperates for climax of Nevada Burning Man festival (CNN 4 September 2000)

Burning Man heats up ( 4 September 2000)

Cops Butt In on Burning Revelry (Wired News 4 September 2000)

Burning Man leave its mark and cash - at first sign of civilization (San Francisco Examiner 4 September 2000)

Tech Crowd Gets Tribal (San Francisco Examiner 3 September 2000)

Desert festival reaches its fiery climax (San Francisco Examiner 3 September 2000)

30,000 Artists Revel in the Dirt (San Francisco Examiner 2 September 2000)

Burning Man a Test for Tech Art (Wired News 1 September 2000)

Tech Workers 'Burn' Out of Town (Wired News 1 September 2000)

Festival in desert is quite a trip ( 1 September 2000)

Burning Man's for Geeks, Too! (Wired News 31 August 2000)

Slow Burn at Burning Man - Too Many Gawkers (San Francisco Chronicle 31 August 2000)

Area surrounding Burning Man event is temporarily closed (Lovelock Review-Miner 31 August 2000)

'Radical self-expression' part of Burning Man (Lovelock Review-Miner 31 August 2000)

Techies unplug en masse to go for the burn (USA Today 28 August 2000)

Has Burning Man sold out? (Reno Gazette-Journal 25 August 2000)

Artists ready projects for desert's Burning Man festival (San Jose Mercury News 24 August 2000)

Tech workers to flock to festival (Las Vegas Review-Journal 21 August 2000)

Appointment at Black Rock (San Francisco Examiner 20 August 2000)

Ticket sales for Burning man to be cut off for safety reasons (Lovelock Review-Miner 17 August 2000)

Group files appeal to try to stop Burning Man festival "where some 24,000 spiritualists, aging hippies and partying thrill-seekers gathered last year" (Las Vegas Review-Journal 10 August 2000)

Greenspan goes to Burning Man? (Salon 17 July 2000)

Permit issued for Burning Man, held in Pershing County (Lovelock Review-Miner 13 July 2000)

It's the Burning Man Network (Wired 11 July 2000)

Burning Man festival will move deeper into desert (Las Vegas Review-Journal 8 July 2000)

Site for Burning Man is located in this county (Lovelock Review-Miner 29 June 2000)

BLM, festival organizers, agree on site for summer blowout (Reno Gazette-Journal 21 June 2000)

Burning Man culture clash - Is the National Geographic Society trying to wipe out an already-extinct tribe of revelers? (Salon 31 May 2000)

Report: Festival may be disruptive (Las Vegas Review-Journal 1 May 2000)

Nevada's 690,000-acre question (Las Vegas Review-Journal 20 March 2000)

Government hearings set on plan to move Burning Man festival (Las Vegas Review-Journal 1 March 2000)

Opera's Siren Song in the Desert (Wired News 21 February 2000)

Burning Man organizers apply for permit for Black Rock Playa (Lovelock Review-Miner 17 February 2000)

Critics line up to defy Bryan plan to save Black Rock Desert (Las Vegas Review-Journal 22 January 2000)

Nevada Senator Prepares Plan to Protect Pioneer Trails (The Salt Lake Tribune 21 January 2000)

Counties opposing Black Rock Conservation area (Lovelock Review-Miner 23 December 1999)

Tickets! Please (The Standard 27 September 1999) - about TicketWeb & Burning Man