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Points of Interest

The Official Burning Man pages — a good place to start
Survival Guide — no, really: read this
Leave No Trace — applied environmental ethics on the playa


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Moorlock's Homepage

Camps, Art Installations, and other groups from Burning Man 1999

Images from Julian

Cadiz Paducah's photos

Ken Woo's photos

Brian AM's photos

Camp Stick

Walt & Julie's pictures

Aryx' '99 Burning Man

Vibrata: Burning Man 1999


1999 Burning Man Poems

Burning Man 3-D 1999

Prehensile Tales

Dragon Debris - Camp Carnivale

Burning to Grow: It's back to the desert, but man, things have changed

Neil's photo gallery

Burning Sensations

TheMightyAcorns Pilgrimage

Wizzard: Burningman 1999

Photos by Mel Lindstrom

A Photo Archive

Photos by Laurence Cook

The day after - QuickTime movies

Don Davis at Burning Man '99

TicTocTown - The Black Rock City Cab Co.

Dan rants: Burning Man '99

Black Rock Cafe - Brad Templeton's photography

a burning <man> experience - images by heartLove

W 1999 Polacy tez tu byli - photos and commentary in Polish

Burning Man by sleepy g

Ce Me Gallery - photos

Willkommen in BRC

Keith Allen Phillips's photos

Burning Man - Piromania, surrealismo e arte no meio do deserto.

Oacious - photos from '99

Photos by Eric A. Perlman

magicglasses '99

Lemuria - photos

A walk through the playa

K-SVERT 106.5 FM, Black Rock City, Nevada

New York Burn - Fear -> Twinkies

Daphne's 1999 photos

Yes Camp '99

Pics '99 erection

Burning Thumbs (annyoing geoshittys popup)

Into the Fire - Flash animation that crashes my browser...

WiredGirl @ Burning Man '99

Ronen's World - journal, pictures, MPEG movies, data

Firefall - how do you set a water fountain on fire?

More of Tanman's New Burningman Adventures 1999

C's Burning Man '99 pics

Burning Man Help Pages, Blinky Red Things Camp, BRT Labs

Elwing's Experience at Burning Man 1999

Ideamatic Burning Man - photos, memories, cool layout

A Photographic Orgy straight from the Staph of

Dark Angel: Burningman Chronicles - because the only people for me are the mad ones...

Burningman Panoramas

Red's Adventures at Burning Man 1999

Supersnail camp - photos

Ted Dewberry Photography

George's Yearbook portraits and other pictures

Maja's Page


Tom Bullock: Burning Man 1999

Photos from Burning Man 1999

Anchored to the Playa

Flashpoints - the Continuation of Burning Man

Fandango burning man: 1999

Psychotropical Brain Forest presents the Grand Masquetorium

burningman, 1999 AD

J.D. Lowe's Photos

Camp Siestaahhh!

Black Rock City, Black Rock Public Library and Black Rock City at Night

Sands of Time

The Burning Man Love Registry

A Wombat Dubbing - photos

A.E. Mancheno Photography @ BM'99

Burning Man Ethnography

Burning Man '99 Camp

Spooter goes to Burningman - photos

Thunderdome - photos & stuff

A Virgin's Point of View - photos

Burning Man as Ephemeropolis and The Refusal of Meaning - essay

KalTramps - photos

Tanman's New Adventures - commentary & photos

Amorphous Amoeba Camp - Cassidy's Pics

The Playa Burns - Brett Amole photography

Geometry Camp - photos & captions

stories and images from the world's most dangerous arts festival

Ohio - memories

Steve Lerner - photos & captions - photos

Burning Man 99 SF Decompression - photos

Mt. Olympvs - photos

Jim Hair Photography - photos

Cameron's Burning Man - photos

Eggchair Camp - photos & stuff - commentary & photos

Edmond Meinfelder - photos

Yet another obligatory Burning Man page... or IS IT?

Technomania Circus with some '96-'98 stuff too (also at geocities-impaired site)

The Smoking Monkey Lounge - some photos

Clown Loaches - I will not forget again

Zardoz - photos

Mr. Science Goes To Burning Man - photos and commentary

Cyberguy: The End of Time - lotsa photos

Photos by Brad Wallis

Hoo-ba-joob presents... Spatulapad!

Nirvana Nevada - commentary

Popsicle Photos

KRAP Road Show - photos

SSI Nude Photography

Citizens of Black Rock City

Jacqui's Burning Man '99 Jesus Journal

heffe's burning man adventure - photos

K Hole Camp - photos

Jason's Burning Man 1999 - photos

Anon Salon - photos, commentary, movies

The Black Rock Vikings - photos

Big Wheel Deathrace 2000 - photos

We Are God Camp - photos & commentary

Patrick Roddie's photos - and send a Burning Man postcard

Wendolonia - photos & captions

Duane's Gallery - photos

WendysBurnMan - photos

Images from the Wheel of Time - photos

Jennie's pics &

Freeform pics &

Argus's pics

naughty english lads - photos

Burning Man Overview - commentary & links

Burning Man Virgin - commentary & photos

TheMightyAcorns Pilgrimage to Burning Man - commentary & photos

Pictures by Rob - photos

Zeigen's Posi-Web: Burned Man - commentary & photos

Laughing Lamps mobile art project - planning

The Year We Froze Our Buns Off - photos & commentary

Lenny Jones's Photo Montage

Wolfy goes to Burning Man 1999 - photos

Mindstation Gallery - commentary & photos

Bruce Damer: Burning Man 1999 - photos, commentary, & links

BM99 copyrighted photos - photos

Arcane Alchemy - photos

M.O.T.H.E.R. - photos

Fred's Burning Man 99 Page - photos & commentary

Commander in Chief World HQ - photos

Pictures from Camp Dave 99 - photos

Bill & Elisabeth: Burnin' the Man, 1999 - commentary & photos

Cyberbuss Virtual Trip to Burning Man 1999

Burning Sensations '99

Burning Man Webcast

Live from Burning Man 1999

A walk through the playa

Burning Man '99 Photos

Burning Man - ancient Egypt in utero

What I Saw at My Burning Man Summer Vacation

Fear & Loathing in Black Rock City

Big Wheel Deathrace 2000

Kurt Arnlund's photos

Miss Rivka Does Burning Man

Burning Man - includes stuff from '95-'98 also

Camp Videogasm 1999



Tiki Fest Theme Camp

Space Virgin

Pigdog Journal - Burning Man

Cult Picnic - the Stardust Lounge

Lawn Games

Inline Skate Dot Com @ Burning Man

PlayaNet: your Wireless messaging service at Burningman

The Oregon Country Fair Embassy and Black Hole Stalker

BurningMan - Florida Region

Digital Light Camp

Come Into the Light

Black Rock City Ministry of Statistics

Camp Blow-Up

The Village Printer - for all your playa card needs

The L2K project

Assateague Gatherings

supermanytime: Burning Man

DJ Christ Superstar

Southern Nevada Burning Man Alliance

Cataclysmic Megashear Ranch

The Church of Mez (with some '98 / '00 stuff too)

The Future Forest Primative

Kava Man Meets Burning Man


Mos Eisley

Mt. Black Rock

Dante 1999


The Illumination Village

1999 Burning Man FAQ by Erowid

Burning Bell Message Center


Peterman '99

Burning Flipside from Austin, Texas

Artists Republic of Fremont

Lake Lahontan Yacht Club

Plans for 1999 - Computer Zone Camp, Driveable Pyramid, Tower

Burning Man Yearbook

The Church of Saint John the Baptist of the Alien Artichoke

The Wheel of Time

Flying Dinosaurs

fandango! - Meatlocker - photos (also here)

Ismist (QuickTime) (annoying GoRight.To redirect)

The Burning Man Vw-Bus Camp (annoying Geoshittys popup)

TOTEM (annoying Tripod popup)

Possible Selves Conglomerate (annoying Tripod popup)

Camp Lustmonkey (annoying web provider popup)

Bean Bath (annoying popup) - photos & commentary

Welcome to My Photo Album (annoying Tripod popup)

You will never be able to explain - photos and commentary (annoying Tripod popup)

Burning Rat (annoying Geoshittys popup)

The Running Man - (annoying Tripod popup)

Michael B. Power Hour Page (annoying msn popup)

Media Coverage 1999

Black Rock Desert events bring officials to Lovelock (Lovelock Review-Miner 25 March 1999)

Burning Man officials criticize desert plan (Las Vegas Review-Journal 12 July 1999)

Burning Man or Bust (Wired News, 19 August 1999)

Century Going Out in Flames (S.F. Chronicle, 24 August 1999)

We built this city (San Francisco Bay Guardian, 25 August 1999)

Has Burning Man Gone Up in Smoke (SF Gate, 1 September 1999)

Letter from Burning Man, part one, part two, and part three (SF Gate)

Burning Man Sparks Interest of Thousands (Salt Lake Tribune, 2 September 1999)

Eccentri-city (S.F. Chronicle, 4 September 1999)

Creativity Burns Bright in the Desert (Chicago Tribune, 6 September 1999)

Festival makes burning statement (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 6 September 1999)

Sifting the Ashes at Burning Man (S.F. Chronicle, 6 September 1999)

Modern Primative Make Burning Man Hottest Ever (San Francisco Chronicle 7 September 1999)

Black Rock: Same As It Ever Was (Wired News, 7 September 1999)

Wild minds flock to Nevada's Black Rock Desert (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 7 September 1999)

Geeks at Burning Man (SF Gate 8 September 1999)

Burning Man: Internet in the desert (CNN, 8 September 1999)

Millennial Brigadoon (Salon, 8 September 1999)

The Burning Man's tangled Web (CBS MarketWatch 10 September 1999)

Burning to Meet the Man (Feed, 14 September 1999)

Black Rock or Combust (Phoenix New Times 16 September 1999)

The Burning Truth (Las Vegas Weekly 16 September 1999)

Sonic snapshots of Burning Man (Boston Phoenix, 16 September 1999)

Flaming man (Salon, 16 September 1999)

What I Saw at Burning Man (Jewish World Review 14 Tishrei 5760)

Tickets! Please (The Standard 27 September 1999)

Letter from Nevada: Desert Rituals (First Monday October 1999) - essay with photos

McBurning Man - Sold Out in the Desert (The Coastal Post October 1999)

Burning Man festival wins praise for cleanup in Nevada desert (Las Vegas Review-Journal 13 December 1999)

Burning Man cleanup termed 'very satisfactory' (Lovelock Review-Miner 16 December 1999)

Burning Man Grows Up (Reason Online February 2000)

Blackrock's Burning Man Festival '99 (Northwest Buggy Pilots Association News Winter 2000)

Burning Man - RealAudio of the NPR broadcast

Burning Man '99 (San Francisco: CitySearch)

Burning Man - brief Playboy blurb