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Moorlock's List: 1998 Archive

Camps, Art Installations, and other groups from Burning Man 1998

Cadiz Paducah's photos

A slide show

Walt & Julie's pictures

G&R's Burning Man


Burning Man 3-D 1998

Larry Harvey: The Man Who Came to Dinner (San Francisco Weekly 16 December 1998)

Hackneyed "happenings" and lots of bad art - all for $100 a ticket (San Francisco Examiner 19 August 1998)

The Big, the Bad, and the Naked (Wired News 8 September 1998)

SF's Burning, Man (Wired News 31 July 1998)

Neil's photo gallery

Burning Sensations

Wizzard: Burningman 1998

Ersa's Tarot Camp

Burning Man Festival plans precautions (Las Vegas Review-Journal 8 May 1998)

No Hyperbole

Photos by Laurence Cook

Burning man 1998 account - Don Davis

a fragmentary memoir

flatblack lounge

No Spectators by Notarmac

Burn, Baby, Burn

Camp Videogasm 1998

Giant Burning Man 1998 Panorama

Surreales Wüstenabenteuer in Nevada - (VeoVeo)

Ce Me Gallery - photos

Keith Allen Phillips's photos

48 photos from the Page o' the Future and 26 more photos and 7 photos from Bianca's and a dozen more

Mafia Camp - photos

spotcamp '98

Burning Dude

burning man 1998 - pictures by Ryan Junell

Jeremy's Burning Man Adventure 1998

Burning Man '98 - Grok Camp!

Jon Grok's Bman 98 Photo Gallery

Lunesse's Burning Man, 1998

WiredGirl @ Burning Man '98

Aryx' Burning Man

Burning Man seeks new hearth (Las Vegas Review-Journal 28 February 1998)

Burning Man Festival searches for new home (Las Vegas Review-Journal 29 October 1997)

Sights and Sounds of Burning Man 1998

Das Beste Ist Gut Genug

Ted Dewberry Photography

Jeremy Bierbach's photos

Dr. Cliff's Photo-Tour

Tom Bullock: Burning Man 1998

Airheads Beemer Club: Burning Man '98

Burning Man - by - Halcyon

Photos from Burning Man 1998

Fandango burning man: 1998

Artists Use Technology to Subvert It (TechWeb 26 October 1998)


Camp Siestaahhh!

Radio-V Presents: Burning Man '98 Photo Gallery

Burning Man, Day 2 -- equal parts Zen, X-files and skin scorching (ZDNN 4 September 1998)

Our man at Burning Man -- A dispatch from the surreal desert gathering (ZDNN 4 September 1998)

photos by Rick Egan from The Salt Lake Tribune

Will Merkle's Burning Man Pics

stories and images from the world's most dangerous arts festival



Black Rock Ranger Weekend - photos & captions

The Geometric Summer - photos & captions

The Bean Dip at Burning Man 1998

Reflections from Ohio

Brian S. Hanish photography

NowHere - photos

Dean's Burning Man 98 - photos

The Temple of Rudra

Welcome Traveler! (annoying Tripod popup)

some Burningman memories - commentary

Theme Camp Ideas - thinking in html

Chris Baxter's Pix

Christopher F. Carfi's images

Argus photos

Wolfy goes to Burning Man 98

Pictures by Rob

Burning Man 98 portraits from Supersnail

The Big, the Bad, and the Naked (Wired News, 8 September 1998)

Modern Primitive Make Burning Man Hottest Ever (SF Gate, 7 September 1998)

Little Green Burning Men (Wired News, 1 September 1998)

Burning Desire (SF Gate, 28 July 1998)

PoGo Burning Man

Burning Man Photos

Spock Mountain Pictures

What we saw in 1998

Paul's Burning man 1998 Pictures


Cyberguy's trip to Burning Man '98 - lotsa photos

Burning Man 1998 - digitally enhanced photos by Carl Mautz

Freezing Man '98

Burning Man 1998 according to Eric Snider

Sunday at Burning Man

Lettuce Picts from Burning Man 98

Rebeca Eisenberg's photos

Burning Man 1998

Like a Looking Glass Girl

Space Lounge at Burning Man '98

Pictures of Dan

Ce Me Gallery: Burning Man '98

Burning Man 98 - from Godfrey Daniels

Neil's Burning Man 98 Photo Gallery

Brett Amole Photography: Burning Man 1998

Welcome to Glow Camp

Burning Man Texas @ Austin

Burning Man from the Sky

bc's 1998 burning man pictures

Burning Man Photos

Burning Man Portraits

elf's photographic adventures at Burning Man

Burning Man - lotsa stuff

Erowid: Fleshlab

Tiki Fest '98

South 6th and Baltic

Chris' experiences at Black Rock City

The Sonoma-Gerlach and Paradise-Denio Management Framework Plan Amendment and Environmental Impact Statement

Our Burning Man Trip

Burning Man '98 - photos by HappyShel

Pure Putt Love Camp Photos

BurningMan 98 photographs by Steven Noreyko

Pygmy's Burning Man Photos

Jon and Chris's Burning Man 98 Pictures

Mike's Burning Man '98 Help Page

Burning Man 98 - Lenny Jones Productions

Moons of Uranus Project

Have a Good Burn

Early Scans of Burning Man

Slow The Fuck Down

Bookbill's BM98 Pictures

Burning Man 1998: The Year of the Virgins

Flames, art, noise, freedom by Mack Reed

j.j and gnat go to burning man. again.

Burning Man 1998 - from David M. Cain

Burning Man 98 Gallery

Pyre (also some '97 stuff)

Feel the burn, baby

Graham's Burning Man 1998 Photos

Kev's Burning Man 1998 Pictures

Wrybread Live - Cyberbuss '98

Burning Man 1998 - pix

Fruit of the Lumen at BMan98

Antarctica - that cool refrigerated box

Burning Man 1998 - photos

Burnt: scenes & stories from Burningman 98 - very well done

Burning Man '98 pictures

The Memory Mural Project (annoying Geoshittys popup)

It's your party; You can burn if you want to by Danial Glass, Boston Phoenix

37's Burning Man Page Index - survival and camping tips

Cosmic Bedouin Cartographers

Geometry: Ideas for Efficient Desert Architecture

Burningman 98: Out on the Playa

Jon and Ryan at Burning Man '98

Burning Sensations '98

Abrupt's Burning Man Cards - they blink!

Burning Man Travel Center '98

Elwing and Kat's Kamp

Chapel of the Burning Book


bianca's smut shack '98

Artists Republic of Fremont - Surpu Masu: the scapegoat

Costco opens Blackrock City Soulmate Outlet Store

SPURT radio, 102.5 FM (annoying Geoshittys popup)

Deadly Dante's Sin-o-Plex and Family Funstop

The Irrational Geographic Society

Johnny Jetpack Propulsion Labs

Celestial Garden Saloon, Chez Newt's Slow Toxic Amphibian Lounge, Cloud Nine, Cosmos, Deuce of Clubs, The Estate Cellars of Bigrig Industries, Hangoverkill, Lurlene & Lester's Octogenerian Social Club, MargaritaHell, Mazda-licious Bar n' Grill, Rucky Kat Kock-tales, Señor Spanky's Tequila Nightmare, Viking Legos BarKamp, Cardhouse Moving/Interdiction Agency, Iron Bartender, Absinthia, Guest Bartender, and LouMan Panty Twist from the NeighBarhood

Distributed Interactive Republic of Texas

Drano Village - The biggest little shitty in the world

The Electronic Parlor Trick



Fray Camp

Hualapai/Black Rock Playa Zendo: If you meet Buddha on the Playa, Burn him.

Black Rock City Aikidojo

Madame Tang's Opium Den (annoying Geoshittys popup)

Camp Smart Ass

Camp Salsipuedes

Thermal Shock Camp

Bürning Maus: The Ultimate Amusement Camp

The Illumination Village

The Tower - installation (annoying Geoshittys popup)

Burning Man Festival - the Oregon-California Trails Association would prefer it not happen in Black Rock Desert.

F-Space - percussive psycho sonic noise environments

Laurence Cook: Burning Man 1998

Savanna Design & Burning Man '98

The Free Mass Shower

Cafe Temps Perdu - Sun & Moon

The Catadomes!