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Moorlock's List: 1992 - 1995 Archive


The Church of Warm Noize


Why Do They Burn Him, Anyway?

Communal art in the desert (San Francisco Examiner 26 September 1995)

Page o' the Future - a Burning Man photo album

Jay @ Burning Man 1995 - photo

Barbara Traub - black & white photos

Toast Postes Salutes the Burning Man Project

Fandango burning man: 1995

Photos by Jean-Noel Moyne

Jennifer Vermut Photography (some 1996 photos also)

Hot Fun in the Nevada Desert

Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, Nevada 1995


Photos from 1995 by Jean-Noel Moyne

Testimonials from Burning Man 1995 - all text, various authors.

Burning Man 1995 - photo by Sam Morris.

Team WBL (Weird Blinking Lights) at Burning Man 1995 - a planning notebook.

Toyland Installation at Burning Man 1995 - photo and note.

Burning Man Event 1995 photos and notes.

Polkacide at Burning Man 1995 - a photo.

Burning Man 1995 Coverage - Quicktime movies.

Art Cars at Burning Man 1995 - notes and photos.

Black & White Burning Man 1995 photos by Bill Boyd.

The Burning Man Experience 1995 photos, Quicktime movies and stories from Jon R. Luini

Burning Man and the Rituals of Capitalism (1995) commentary by Matt Wray.

Portland Cacophony at Burning Man 1995

Burning Man 1995: The initial geek voyage into the Playa (photos).

The Far Frontier: Burning Man and the Internet - commentary (1995).

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Mud CyberScape at Burning Man 1995 - photos and commentary.

Camp Hatefulhoff - Is David Hasselhoff the Anti-Christ? (annoying Geoshittys popup)

Art Cars Burn Rubber at Burning Man! 1994 & 1995.

That Guy's Burning Man 1995 photos and QuickTime VR and Joe Winston's QuickTime video clips

Illumination Camp 1995 - photos.

Rusty's cool Photos from Burning Man 1995

HotWired at Burning Man 1995 - story and photos.

Larry Harvey interviewed by Leo Nash

Burning Man '95 - photos

Black & White Burning Man 1995 photos by Barbara Traub.


Winkieworld - Burning Man '94

Dioxine: Burning Man 1994

Tony Kiriluk's Burning Man Page

That Guy's Burning Man 1994: Photo

Fire Breathing Dragon Sculpture from Burning Man 1994 (photo, artist's page).

Burning Man 1994 from Telecircus: images, Quicktime movies, and commentary.

Art Cars at Burning Man 1994 - images and notes.

Burning Man '94 - reminiscences from the HotWired crew.

The Burning Man Festival - 1994

Barbara Traub's Burning Man 1994 photos.

All the way back to 1993!

Photos by Jean-Noel Moyne

slo.punks Hit Burning Man (also 1994/1995)

Photos from 1993 by Jean-Noel Moyne

Rite of Summer - Gigi Bisson at Burning Man 1993 (photo and story).

Illumination Camp 1993 - remembrances.

1992 Just one more.

Illumination Camp 1992 - remembrances.