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Raw Vision

Burning Man in Raw Vision Issue 57: Winter 2006

Photo by Don Jackson
Raw Vision is the world's leading journal of outsider art. This issue features an article by Burning Man Art Curator Christine Kristen aka LadyBee titled "Reconnecting Art and Life at Burning Man." The man is pictured on the cover, and the article contains 19 photographs. In the article Christine explores the nature of the art-making on the playa and discusses the notion of outsider art vs. "insider" art, the isolation of the contemporary art world, and the meaning of the collaborative art-making process that has evolved over the years at Burning Man. When art is released from its bondage in our specialized world of "high" art, galleries and museums and set free in a creative community, it becomes part and parcel of everyone's daily experience, and it acquires much deeper meaning.

This issue is available in our Marketplace. Excerpts from the article are at the Raw Vision site and the entire article can be read here.