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Burning Man Art at Sacramento's Gallery Horse Cow

Every City has one. That street, at one time a main drag full of movie theatres, ballrooms and restaurants, now run down and taken over by adult book stores and Liquor shops. In Sacramento the role is filled by Del Paso Blvd. The city of Sacramento like most cities would like their most notorious has-been strip restored to its former glory. An attempt to realize this goal has this city making space available to Artists and art galleries in the many empty buildings along Del Paso. On the second Saturday of every month the galleries get a chance to strut their stuff as they play host to the hundreds of art lovers who turn out for The Second Saturday Art Walk. While the process of turning around a down and out street like this is a slow one, there are already several success stories present on Del Paso, one of the best examples being Gallery Horse Cow.

photo by Steve Vanoni

Gallery Horse Cow features Outsider and Southern Folk art primarily but the gallery's 'persons' Steve Vanoni and Allen Denault have kept their minds and wall space open allowing local artists and shows like this months 'Some Art From Burning Man' a venue in this growing art district.

'Some Art From Burning Man' opened on the second Saturday in August. The open lot next to the Gallery filled with costumed revelers, altered bicycles and a number of art cars including Carl Deckart's amazing flying saucer VW Beetles. KiKi and Scott from Richmond supplied pyro-delights with their fire falls, a two-tier water fountain where the water is set ablaze. The fire loving couple, married at Burning Man 2001, packed in a strange spherical maze of tubing that was traversed by fast moving balls of fire as well. There was no shortage of oddities on display; a giant teeter-totter (Scott Rodgers), a smoking noise making white dome (Pirate radio enthusiast Hap B. Hazard), and fire dancers galore helped to complete the picture. The climax of the evening came when another couple of newlyweds, Chris Brick and Michelle Pariset-Brick rolled out a large tesla coil and staged an amazing light show which they billed a "a mass sterilization." The galley goers looked on in amazement as what looked like a prop from a Frankenstein film spit arcs of lightning in every direction.

Meanwhile, inside the gallery photographs taken at Burning Man hung above mutant bicycles and amongst the gallery's growing permanent collection. The event was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the friends and spirit you found at Burning Man as well a great chance to share some of the magic of Black Rock City with your uninitiated friends or family, and the best news yet is they'll be doing it all again before the show comes down. The second Saturday in November also known as November 10th is your chance to bring your own art, or be your own art at Gallery Horse Cow. Come on down and serve as a Black Rock City ambassador to Sacramento for an evening.

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