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The 2004 Fire Arts Festival - Oakland, California

Wednesday through Sunday, July 7-11, 2004. Presented by Burning Man and The Crucible.

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The Fire Arts Festival was a curated five day festival that showcased the work of over 40 innovative and accomplished artists and performers working in the mediums of fire and light. It gave the general public a sense of the range of such art typical at Burning Man and was an important step in allowing these artists to practice their art in public places with city support and the respect they so deserve. The Festival was produced in collaboration with The Crucible arts facility and with the full cooperation and support from the City of Oakland, the Oakland Police and Fire Departments and the Oakland Museum of California. It was a wonderful way to support the art, a fantastic art facility, and to encourage greater cooperation between fire artists and city officials.

The Festival was well documented and attended by members of the general public, art world, media, mayor's office and commuters, many who saw it while riding on BART and who got off to get a closer look at what was going on! Having done this historic event in Oakland, we plan next to do a fire art exhibition in San Francisco and hope we will meet with even greater support from the city where Burning Man began and where many talented artists live and work.

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Featured artists included: Burning Ideas, Capacitor, Paul Da Plumber, Mark Deutsche, Fire Arts Collective, Fire Conclave, Flaming Lotus Girls, Wally Glenn, Bob Hoffman, HypKnowTron by Gaspo, Infinite Kaos, Kabari, Scott Kildall, Kook Troupe, Le Fiebre featuring Fyrstorm, Marisa Lenhardt, Light Fantastic, Mutaytor, Phoenix Rising, RELartivity, Jack Schroll, David Sloves, Nate Smith, Charlie Smith, Kal Spelletich of Seemen, Michael Sturtz, Sun Brothers, Therm, Vau de Vire Society, Buzz Volker, DJ Vordo, Kasia Wojnarski and members of Xeno.

Visit the fire arts invite for more information about these artists and performers.

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The event was held over five days, with workshops, classes, lectures, exhibits and stimulating demonstrations culminating in three nights of mind-blowing art and groundbreaking performances. More information on each the day's events can be read in the schedules for Wednesday, Thursday's Black Rock Arts Foundation Benefit Gala Schedule and Friday and Saturday.

The Mission Statement and Fliers for the festival are all featured here. In addition to the perfomances and lectures, the Crucible offered classes in Blacksmithing, Foundry and Mouldmaking, Welding, Neon and Light and Flame Effects for the Artist.

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The Desert and Fire Arts Preview Lectures and Demos Schedule included the following speakers: Masters of Ceremonies: $teven Ra$pa and LadyBee, Russell Wilcox VAX, Tim Black Optical Acoustics, Jay Bridglad and Geoffrey Nwogu Crucible Instructors and Artists, Nate Smith Singularity Machine Fire Vortex, Michael Sturtz The Crucible, Chris Schardt & Betty Ray Nebula, Flaming Lotus Girls Seven Sisters, Kasia Wojnarski Fire Tunnel, Charlie Smith Touring with the Nausts, David Best Temple of Stars, Larry Harvey

To read reviews of the Festival, please visit The Crucible. To see photos from the Festival, go to our Image Gallery