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Burning Man: Photographs and Neon from Black Rock City, Nevada 1992-1999
The Museum of Neon Art, Los Angeles, CA
December 11, 1999 - March 12, 2000
Curated by LadyBee

Reverend Al of LA Cacophony Society looks at seven years of the Man
photo by Rich Gonsalves

Neon halo on the Doggie Diner Head, 1994
Photo by John Law

To demonstrate the uniquely compelling and powerful presence of neon on the playa, various neon installations and signage, as well as photographs, were displayed in MONA's galleries and in its Olympic Boulevard windows. Featured neon artists were Jerry Matheny, Dan Clarke, Jeff Johnson, Nicholas Raddell, Woodpussy, and Steve Yonkman. Also shown were stamps from the Burning Man Post Office by James Kline and Terry Ferrer, an acrylic painting by Troy Van Berry, and photographs by Barb Traub, George Post, Austin Granger, and Margot Duane. Historic materials included Louis Brill's article "AfterGlow" from Signs of the Times and photographs of early neon art by John Law, Vince Koloski, Chris Radcliffe and Tom Wray.

Painting by Troy Van Berry
photo by Rich Gonsalves

Neon shots by Barb Traub
photo by Rich Gonsalves

Seven years of the Man's neon, 1992-1998
photo by Rich Gonsalves

Opening night with Dan Clarke's scale model of the man
photo by Rich Gonsalves

Scale model of the man by Dan Clarke
photo by Rich Gonsalves