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The Art of Burning Man at Bruka Theater Gallery
Reno, Nevada July 9-31, 1999
Curated by LadyBee and Jeogh Bullock

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Photographs by Manso Manso

Our second exhibition featured several Reno artists as well as some of the San Francisco artists in our first show. Reno artists included Troy Van Berry (paintings and ceramics), Garth Elliot (mixed media sculpture), Jeff Johnson (neon), Terry Gardner, and Rocket Bob and Slim Sirnes (art cars). Reno photographers included Kiley Howard, Pete Slingland, and Brian Smith. The world's largest interactive Etch-a-Sketch display was installed by Steve Jacobs.

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Photographs by Super Snail
photo by Pete SlinglandBay Area artists were Mr. Lucky, Kal Spelletich, Pepe Ozan; photographers were Super Snail, Manso Manso, Maggie Hallahan, James Comstock, Gerry Gropp, Eric Slomanson, Barb Traub, Holly Kreuter, Stewart Harvey, and Leo Nash.

A lecture by Larry Harvey and Mark van Proyen was given on the day after the opening.

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Community collage by various photographers